Water Therapy

Unlike Friday, yesterday was not such a success.

I knew Daddy had to leave mid morning to go to a tux fitting so as soon as I finished nursing the boys I jumped in the car for a quick run to Starbucks drive through before Daddy left.  When I got to the drive through it was blocked off because a big stupid truck was broke down like an idiot in the middle of it.  I was in my pajamas so running in wasn't an option.  I drove back home cursing silently.

When I got home everyone was crying and Daddy was rushing around saying that work called and he had to go into work instead right away.  Awesome.  We readjusted and went on.

Right before lunch I had the brilliant idea that we should run to the grocery store for a few things.  As I was putting Bunny in the car he started crying a lot.  Did I come to my senses and take everyone back inside?  No.  I gave him a quick milk drink and off we went.

Still pouting from my morning coffee experience I heading to the back of the store to get a Peet's ice coffee.  While I was waiting, Bunny got grouchy again and I had to take him out of the double stroller.  Then they handed me my coffee and I had to figure out how to handle a squirming whiny baby, a double stroller and keep track of two wandering girls and a grocery list.

I'm not going to lie.  I was flying around the store on my broom.  While I usually run into people I know at this grocery store I did not see one familiar face yesterday.  I suspect they were hiding from me as to not embarrass me because I was acting like such a mean mom!

Moral of the story?  GO WITH YOUR GUT!  I knew we should not go when Bunny started crying and yet I pushed on.  Lesson learned.  I do not enjoy being that mom.  I don't like putting out there that having four kids is misery because it's not! 

Fortunately, we were able to wash the day off last night with a night swim.

Splash! Spalsh!


Silly girls!

Someone lost another tooth!

I used to do this EXACT face!

A Must Have

When Baby was born, the woman that was watching Boogie two times a week while I worked, gifted us the above video.  I have no idea how she knew that we needed this video so much but we did!  It was Baby's own baby crack.  The few nights I had to spend on the couch with her because she was in teething misery this video SAVED us.  It instantly calmed her.  It was also a great rest time dvd because the songs are all peaceful worship songs and there are lots of kids to watch. (It's Baby Einstein like but with more faces)  It always set the tone in the house.

The videos are older and there aren't a ton on Amazon but if you like worship music (sung by adults not kids) then you might want to give these videos a try. 

When the boys were born I bought another copy of My Father's World because ours was scratched to death.  When we watched them again I remembered that there are a few kiddos that look like our Bunny on the video which we all loved. 

The girls are out with daddy today so I put it on for the boys to settle them before nap time and I remembered how much I love this song:

It makes me cry every time.  It is my theme song.  May I always remember to be thankful. 

Ahhh Summer

Most people look forward to summer.  Vacations, swimming, barbecues...  I wish!  While everyone is posting vacation photos from glorious tropical locations on Facebook I am jealously looking on while I answer my phone and hear that Daddy "is going to be home late" again.  Saturdays are mostly work days too. 

While we are greatful for the work and extra income it is a total bummer that the busy season is when the kids are off and the weather is so nice.  We really are trying to make the best of it though.  This has been our life for the last 5 years so we are getting used to it.  I'm hoping that when the boys get a little older we can do more "mom adventures".

In the meantime...

On Friday our excitement was going to two different parks in one day.  Sounds thrilling right?  For my girls who usually only wander as far as the backyard... it was.  Where did my unusual bravery come from?  The knowledge that my parents were bringing dinner and I wouldn't have to try to whip something up when we were all exhausted and hot (my least favorite hour of the day.  I call it crazy hour)

The other reason it was exciting was we went to two parks that we never go to.  I'm a creature of habit and when I find what I like I stick to it.  I thought it was time to venture out. It was like my own personal "extreme parking" adventure.  (For the record..I am a total park mom and before the boys were born we would go to the park almost every day during the summer.  It's just too hard with the boys)

Mom.  How am I ever going to get a tan?
See ya mom!
Classic.  Baby being goofy.  Boogie being huggy/borderline smothery.  Buddy being busy.  Bunny licking Boogie's hair.

The first park was lacking in shade but had lots of fun things for the kids to do.  Bunny enjoyed a nice shady spot on the structure and then the grass when my nerves couldn't take it anymore.  Buddy just enjoyed running in the outdoors.  The major plus to this park was a fence around the perimeter.  The major downside was a group of "shadies" who I'm pretty sure were "transacting" on the benches not too far away (although outside of the fence).  When they let their pitbull off the leash we were out of there.

The second park adventure was after naptime.  It was a crazy hot day and this park also offered a little shade.  There was not a person in site at this park.  My major downside here was that it was right up against the hills and they are building which makes me think that creatures are being misplaced.  Rattlesnakes anyone?  Fortunately we did not see one but I was so paranoid that I half had my self convinced that I heard a rattle when I put my purse in the car and had to carefully check it.  Yes I am neurotic.  Don't even get me started about squirells.....

I love it when I push myself to do more than we usually do and it is a great experience. 


Photo Dump

I don't have the energy to make an actual blog post out of the rest of the pictures that I have been hoarding so I decided to just do a quick photo dump.  Some of my favorites from June/July....

Auntie came for a quick trip
Cool like Auntie
Summer staple..homemade yogurt "popsicles"
Is it time to swim yet?
4th of July visit from Nonna
Group Hug!
Lots of Swimming
Lots of grilling
Double Trouble
And now we are caught up!

Pool Fun

This morning Daddy and I got our borrowed crib all cleaned up for Bunny and put it in his room in time for the afternoon nap.  I was nervous that it might cut his nap short but he slept great.  Buddy, on the other hand, heard all the fun we were having in the pool and decided he needed to join us.

It's so funny how different moms and dads are. When one of the boys comes in with me I painstakingly hold them above water letting them splash a little and get used to it and slowly get them used to the water.  I handed Buddy to Daddy and he dunked him in up to his neck!  Buddy didn't seem to mind.

This picture cracks me up because Buddy is smiling away and has no idea what is coming next.

He didn't seem to mind that either.

At this point Buddy was shaking because it wasn't super hot today.  The pool is 80 degrees but that's still a bit chilly when it is not 90's weather outside!  We asked Buddy if he was cold and he said yes so we got him out of the pool and set up the water table.  Then I dove back in to play with the girls while Daddy monitored the water table.

That scenario did not last long.  Buddy wanted back in the pool.  He says "pool" very clearly so it's hard to ignore.

I told you he has "permasmile" when he is swimming.

This last picture sums up pool time pretty well.  Boogie is perfecting her swim, Baby is being a big goofball and Buddy is signing more.

Hopefully, Buddy didn't have so much fun that he decides to wake up early from nap everyday!  And if you are feeling bad that Bunny missed out....don't.  He is usually the one who gets to swim with us.   I just never get pictures because as efficient as I can be.....I have yet to figure out a way to take pictures in the pool while holding a rambuctious 16 month old!

By Request of Grandpa

My parents took the girls overnight last night which is always a nice break for me.  Unfortunately, Daddy had to work most of the day yesterday so even though the girls were gone by early afternoon I had two crazy boys to manage and didn't get much done.  I decided we would just go with it and have fun (while I snuck in lots of therapy)

Bunny has been responding very well to his kinesio taping and is now a master at sitting.  He still has a hard time keeping his head forward so I make him do lots of clapping because it brings it down.  He has been babbling up a STORM!  My boy talks all day.  He may have said "Dada" meaningfully but for the most part he just babbles and sings and signs "food", "milk" and "more".  (I think he was talking in this picture which is why his eyes look a little crazed)

Definitely talking here

Buddy is definitely always aware of Bunny and his new favorite thing is to say "Brother!" and run over and kiss Bunny and hug him.  Bunny is not a huge fan of all the affection and usually pushes him away but I think it's adorable.  After Buddy kisses his head he usually steals his toy.

Very proud of himself

I have been working hard on Bunny's tricks.  He now blows a kiss on demand and also blows.  I love his little cheeks all puffed up!

I had to bribe Buddy with my phone to get him to sit next to Bunny for a picture.  Buddy does NOT like to sit still.  You can see in this picture the boys hair is almost exactly the same color these days.  A light blonde/brown with lots of red.  You may also notice that Bunny has spotted the phone and wants it too.

Now is my chance!

Gimme that!

He won't share!

Bunny is steadily making progress in therapy.  Honestly it is a lot slower than I would like but I am trying to just be patient and enjoy him.  He had a month break from OT because I refused to let them take him away from me anymore so I needed to line up babysitters.  Then his therapist went on vacation.  We just went back this week and he remembered quite well that he did not like it there.  I was there with him but I fear he may be traumatized for good.  I am going to try a few more times and then we may just have to go a different direction. 

We had a therapy play date with another little guy with down syndrome who is a month older than the boys this week.  I LOVED meeting him and he was such a charming little guy!  He was a speed crawler and I was amazed at his agility.  I think the therapist was afraid it might make me sad to see him moving so good when Bunny isn't but all I kept thinking was "What would I do if Bunny could move like that?  I would be going insane trying to keep track of both boys everyday!"

I also need to add that Baby may have a future in therapy.  She loved meeting the boy and was so sweet and patient and helpful with him.  He kept pulling her hair and she woud just say "Uh oh he is pulling my hair again" and not totally freak out.  She was showing him tricks and following him around to keep him safe.  It completely melted my heart to see her like that.

I know I have been a terrible blogger but I am letting myself just try to enjoy the summer.  I almost never get a chance to get my camera out and then even if I do I forget to upload the pictures.  When my dad saw on Facebook that I mentioned I took pictures yesterday he suggested I update the blog. Since my parents took the girls overnight I figured it was the least I could do!  And now off to swim with the girls.....