Exciting Changes

I want to first address the posting of my birth story.  I was so nervous to post the link and have my friends and family read my dark, ugly thoughts.  I almost deleted it and instead went to bed really nervous.  I am so glad I did though.  I had a very emotional day reading people's comments and feeling all the love and support and I think it was really healing for me.  I have never hidden my emotions in regards to Bunny's birth but I don't think a lot of people have felt comfortable asking so I'm glad I got it out there.

Now, onto our exciting news.  I need to post about Bunny's latest IFSP meeting but one of the results was that we get a new infant teacher.  We already have Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy once a week and now we get an infant teacher.  I probably could have had one before now but I was so fed up with the last one that I needed a break and wanted to wait for a good one.  My physical therapist recommended our new one because she is also an occupational therapist and specializes in speech.  Early Start in California will not begin to recommend a Speech therapist until 18 months so I like that we are getting a little head start.

We met her on Friday and I LOVE her already.  She was so positive and Bunny responded to her very well.  He has been nervous around everyone but family lately so this is huge.  She teaches at a nearby State college and has already asked me if I would like to be a on a parent panel someday to help educate her students on how to treat parents and not be offensive.  Of course I said yes!

Now onto my good news.  I hired a babysitter!!! She is in college and is going to be a teacher.  She is red cross certified and she is so so sweet.  My girls are counting down the days until she comes over for the first time.  (We met her on friday) She is coming on the days when Bunny has therapy so I can take him alone without worrying about the other kids.  I seriously feel like a weight has been lifted.  I had no idea what I was going to do with the girls all summer and Buddy is getting so mischievous during therapy that it has been hard to learn.   I see it as a complete win win because I will get a break/get to clean the house/work/do errands and the girls and Buddy will get a ton of attention and get to do some fun outings.  I plan to mostly keep Bunny with me because it will be less overwhelming for the babysitter and because of his stranger anxiety.  He's easy though!

......and here is what I have been dying for since the very very hot scorching summer when I was 8 months pregnant with Baby.  It took me that long to convince Daddy.  I want my kids to be swimmers and to be comfortable in the water.  I have always loved swimming.  I knew that there was NO WAY I would be able to take all 4 kids to any kind of in ground pool this year and keep everyone safe so Daddy finally agreed.  I call it my white trash pool.

We got a saltwater filter for it so no chemicals to worry about either!  The girls are in heaven!  I told them yesterday that there was no way mommy was getting in until the water got warmer but I just couldn't stand it and today I caved.  It wasn't cold at all once I got in.  We had so much fun!!! 

The water comes up to just under Baby's head so she doesn't exactly need a life jacket or floaties but she insists on them.  (She just started swim lessons last summer so she is not swimming yet) She did let me take them off when I was in there with her though and we practiced going under the water a few times.  I will have her swimming in no time I'm sure!!

Oh and apparently Buddy is going to be a little fishy. He woke up from his nap while I was in the pool and he got in with us. He had a perma-smile the whole time! I kept asking if he was cold and he would shake his head "No". He LOVED it! Bunny was not a fan of the cold and had no interest in coming in. We will wait until the water warms up a bit but I have a copy of this book and plan to read up!

I feel like so much of my time is instructing the girls to do this or do that.  I love that we have this pool to just have fun together in.  Some of my favorite memories from childhood are when my parents cut loose and just had fun with us!  (Waterslides!  Best memories ever!)  I hope that we will make lots of fun memories this summer.

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