Being Flexible

Remember when I was so excited to have a babysitter so that I could easily take Bunny to therapy on Tuesdays and Thursdays?  Remember how I spent an hour last night trying to decide what things I was going to get done today while my awesome babysitter was entertaining my children?

I got a phone call this morning that last night my babysitter had to have her appendix out.  I felt really bad for her as my dad just went through this.  Then I felt really bad for myself because today is the day I really need someone to watch the kids so Bunny can do therapy.  I started to go to the "Why can't things just be easy??!!" place. 

Realizing that an attitude adjustment was in order I just decided to cancel therapy and make the best of the day.  We thought about going to the local amusement park but the times were awkward with the boy's new nap schedule (which I am LOVING and refuse to mess up) so instead we decided to do a quick park trip before it got too hot followed by some mommy swim lessons.

I even managed to convince Boogie to leave her book in the car and get some exercise.  My girl has become quite a bookworm!

Baby is currently obsessed with the show Doc McStuffins on the Disney Channel and insists on wearing a headband everyday (like the Doc does).  Here is her "Doc McStuffins" pose.  She is such a friendly child.  The first thing she does when we head to the park is scope for new friends.  Today she found some grandparents who were there with their two grandkids and dog and became their adopted grandaughter.

Buddy wanted out the minute we got there.  He was off and running and ready to climb and give mommy a heart attack.

It is tricky taking all the kids to the park by myself because the boys don't want to stay in the stroller but I need to carry Bunny and chase after Buddy.  It gets a little stressful at times.  Plus I have to keep my eye on my wanderer (Baby).

My solution?  The swings!  Boogie loves to help push the boys.

I think I am being taught how to be more flexible.  Is it the end of the world that Bunny missed therapy? No.  Is it the end of the world that I did not get the upstairs vacuumed and picked up? No.  Did I get to enjoy time with my girls and teach them some new swim tricks?  Absolutely.  So I would say that everything turned out okay and that maybe I just need to roll with the punches.


  1. These are great pictures of the kids, Shar! The babies look like little boys, not babies any more! Don't mean to make you sad, but wow, they are so cute! And your girls just get more beautiful by the day.
    Will your baby-sitter start after her recovery? That might be kind of long, right? Hope it all works it...things have a way of doing that, huh.....
    love, Aunt Ruth

  2. Thank you! I intentionally brought my camera today. Because I am usually dragging so much stuff I opt to leave it at home ;) The babysitter is thinking she will return by next Thursday at the lates but we'll see. She didn't get the extra special surgery like my dad so hopefully her recovery is easier :)


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