The Wait is Over...Kind of

After a very long and torturous six months I have my computer in my hot little hands.  I actually got it back last week and I have been trying to move everything back to its original spot.  Sadly, I have reinstall Photoshop so my pictures are still going to be kind of dull until I do.  At least I have all my pictures.  Phew!

I have lots of things to blog about but I just haven't been able to find the time.  Evicting the processed food from our house has proven to be a lot more work for this mommy.  I have been spending a lot of time finding recipes, making food and researching health.  Oh and let's not forget making homemade ice cream.  Do those sentences go together?  Hmm.

This is Baby's last week of preschool and Boogie has a few more weeks and then we are together 24/7.  I hope I survive the summer.  Daddy is often gone from before we wake up until the kids are sound asleep during the summer.  It's time to dust off my cape.  I definitely won't miss drop offs and pick ups!

I'm off to furiously type a few posts before I fall into bed.

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  1. Luca's smile in the first picture is to die for!! SWEETNESS!!!


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