Mother's Day

You know how girls grow up dreaming of their wedding?  Well that has never been me.  This is what I grew up dreaming about.  Being a mom.

Boogie is now old enough to really get into Mother's Day.  She was so excited about yesterday.  She came in my room while I was sleeping yesterday to tell me I wasn't allowed to wake up until they came in again.  I told her that wouldn't be a problem.

They came back with a tray full of Starbucks.  I have them trained well.

Boogie had made me 21 presents which included bracelets that she and Baby had made with Grandma, as well as key chains.  There were also many many cards and homemade bookmarks.  I told her I was keeping her sweet cards for the days ahead when she no longer liked me very much. (I hope the day never comes but I am being realistic.  I was quite a handful)  From Baby I got some planted herb seeds.  She told me she made me spices.

My present from Daddy was some popsicle molds and an ice cream maker.  We have already made 2 batches of pistachio ice cream.  My next endeavor is black licorice. I plan to have ice cream perfected by the end of the summer.  I love ice cream but have been feeling guiltier and guiltier about the ingredients.  Now I don't have to worry about preservatives.

Our celebrations included a trip to the Farmer's market for me and Boogie,  a solo trip to Target and then my mom and dad came over.  My mom took me shopping for clothes (SO spoiled I know!  She is too good to me) and we treated ourselves to Starbucks again.  Then the men barbecued for dinner.

It was a perfect day.  I truly love being a mom!

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