My Odd Little Duckling

The first thing I did when I got my computer back the other night was look at videos of the boys as babies.  (Let me just tell you that it is a good thing we got fixed.  I would have another tomorrow.)  I was in awe at how tiny the boys were and how much they have changed.  As much as I tried to savor every moment it flew by and I honestly don't remember all that much.  I was warned that would happen but I tried so hard to remember it all!

In one of the videos I heard a baby voice and the camera panned to a chubby little toddler and my heart lurched because it was Baby.  She was still such a chubby toddler when they were born (3 and a half) and I feel like I missed a year of her life.  Obviously, I have been here but I can't tell you the moment she transitioned into the big girl she is now.  That makes me feel sad and guilty. 

She has been such a trooper this last year.  She is a huge help to me and loves to have Buddy as her partner in crime.  Every morning when I take a shower she participates in "Brother Sister time" (which of course I announce in a catchy little song).  I put the boys in their cribs and she entertains them by dancing, singing, having a virtual picnic or whatever makes the boys happy.  She really is a good big sister.

One thing I have noticed lately about my girl is her quirkiness.  I feel like she sees things in a very unique way.  Boogie will sometimes remind me "Mom, Baby just says things differently but this is what she means".  For example, the other day she had one foot on the swingset and the other on one of the swings and she called out "Mom!  Look at me!  I'm doing it but my body is all movey" (She was shaking a little because the swing was moving). 

She also notices details that might escape some.  After spending some time outside with bubbles she came in all excited and said "Mom! The bubbles have rainbow color all over them!"  I like to think it is her artistic side and that perhaps my Baby will be an artist.  I just need to help her find her medium.

For the record, I LOVE her quirks and call her "odd" in the fondest way possible.  She brings a different perspective to the family and I like that. 

I'm going to try to let my guilt from missing her transition go and intentionally savor this new phase.  Time really does fly by way to quickly. 


My Life in Pictures

The Wait is Over...Kind of

After a very long and torturous six months I have my computer in my hot little hands.  I actually got it back last week and I have been trying to move everything back to its original spot.  Sadly, I have reinstall Photoshop so my pictures are still going to be kind of dull until I do.  At least I have all my pictures.  Phew!

I have lots of things to blog about but I just haven't been able to find the time.  Evicting the processed food from our house has proven to be a lot more work for this mommy.  I have been spending a lot of time finding recipes, making food and researching health.  Oh and let's not forget making homemade ice cream.  Do those sentences go together?  Hmm.

This is Baby's last week of preschool and Boogie has a few more weeks and then we are together 24/7.  I hope I survive the summer.  Daddy is often gone from before we wake up until the kids are sound asleep during the summer.  It's time to dust off my cape.  I definitely won't miss drop offs and pick ups!

I'm off to furiously type a few posts before I fall into bed.


Mother's Day

You know how girls grow up dreaming of their wedding?  Well that has never been me.  This is what I grew up dreaming about.  Being a mom.

Boogie is now old enough to really get into Mother's Day.  She was so excited about yesterday.  She came in my room while I was sleeping yesterday to tell me I wasn't allowed to wake up until they came in again.  I told her that wouldn't be a problem.

They came back with a tray full of Starbucks.  I have them trained well.

Boogie had made me 21 presents which included bracelets that she and Baby had made with Grandma, as well as key chains.  There were also many many cards and homemade bookmarks.  I told her I was keeping her sweet cards for the days ahead when she no longer liked me very much. (I hope the day never comes but I am being realistic.  I was quite a handful)  From Baby I got some planted herb seeds.  She told me she made me spices.

My present from Daddy was some popsicle molds and an ice cream maker.  We have already made 2 batches of pistachio ice cream.  My next endeavor is black licorice. I plan to have ice cream perfected by the end of the summer.  I love ice cream but have been feeling guiltier and guiltier about the ingredients.  Now I don't have to worry about preservatives.

Our celebrations included a trip to the Farmer's market for me and Boogie,  a solo trip to Target and then my mom and dad came over.  My mom took me shopping for clothes (SO spoiled I know!  She is too good to me) and we treated ourselves to Starbucks again.  Then the men barbecued for dinner.

It was a perfect day.  I truly love being a mom!


My Life in Pictures


Happy National Star Wars Day

Girl Time

Last Friday afternoon, I picked Boogie up from school and surprised her with the news that we were making a quick trip to the local amusement park.  I was actually the one who got the surprise when we rounded the corner to the entrance and a big locked gate loomed in front of us.  Rats.

The next day I asked Daddy if just the girls could go.  It was a gorgeous day and I wanted to get in a few hours of fun with my babies (the big ones).  Daddy was in favor of the idea and after I armed him with sippie cups, snacks and squeezies we were off.

We started at Starbucks and we all got a drink treat and a brunch treat.  We sat around a tiny table and sampled each others treats and made our plan for the park.

We had a blast.  It was like a small piece of heaven to get out of the car and just go.  No 40 lb stroller to haul, no snacks to pack, no noses to wipe. I felt footloose and fancy free and the girls were so happy to have my undivided attention. 

In fact, a few minutes in to our adventures I was getting aggravated at the girl's clinginess.  Every time we waited in line they were all over me, they insisted on holding hands and they fought over who was going to sit next to me.  I realized after a minute that they just needed to soak up my attention and affection.  They are used to me being busy with the boys and they needed to refill their love tanks.  So I went with it.

We did roller coasters, mini cars, trains and trams.  They made fun of me when I refused to go in the rock maze because of my claustrophobia.  We ended the day with the merry go round.  They told me I was too big but I did not let them steal my joy.  We raced.  Baby won.

What is it with her camera smile? ha ha
I know in a few years they will be instructing me to walk 10 feet behind them while they roll their eyes at my sensible shoes.  That's okay... I'll just bust this out to remind them of when they adored me:

Boogie picked out the design.  She also hogged the camera big time!