Sassy like Auntie

When Auntie was here last week, Grandma and Auntie took Boogie out for an afternoon of shopping fun while Baby was at preschool.  Boogie came home with a cute new outfit that she said was her "sassy like Auntie" outift.  She was so proud of her outfit and has been selecting her outfits very carefully since their shopping day.

Boogie has always been a little fashionista.  When she was 1 I took her to Target for some new shoes and she insisted on a pair of pink clogs.  She could barely walk in them but she LOVED those things! (And yes of course I indulged her because I get it!) I think wearing uniforms for the last few years has caused her to lose a little of her spunk but I guess the visit from Auntie was what she needed to remind her of her love of all things pretty.

I may be partly to blame as well, because let's face it...I have no time to be cute and "sassy" these days.  My uniform is jeans, a tank and some kind of hoodie or easy to breastfeed in top.  I never wear makeup and barely brush my hair.  Of course I "get ready" if we are going somewhere special but for day to day errands I am pretty much plain girl (but always showered and clean...always)

In fact, when I posted pictures of the girls in their Easter outfits on Facebook there were a few "Oh look...sassy like Auntie and she must get her fashion sense from Auntie" and I was thinking "Hey!  I am a fashionable girl!" and then I looked down at my hoodie with baby snot smeared all over it and had a reality check.

So I am telling this whole story to the lady at the consignment store where I sell back our baby stuff as fast as I can to declutter my life.  Boogie is wandering around trying on shoes and I keep telling her I am not buying her any shoes with heels or a wedge. (For her own safety.  She is kinda clumsy at times)  Suddenly she comes clomping over in a pair of white satin Easter shoes with a chunky small heel and her face says it all...."She must have them".  I said "Bella, I told you no heels" and the owner of the store says "Auntie would buy them" with a wicked smile on her face.  I of course caved.

I realized she desperately needed the heels because she wanted to be like her auntie and that was so cute I just couldn't resist.  She is only allowed to wear them around the house but she just floats around the house in these things.  She is in heaven.  Personallly, I think we need to work on her shoe taste but hey...she has her heels.

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