My Future Rockstar

Much to Buddy's delight, Baby left her guitar out last night.  Buddy quickly spotted it on one of his escapes from his designated wandering areas today.

He shakes with excitement when he actually gets to get this close to a guitar and a permagrin appears on his face.

Baby is a good sport and let him have a little fun.  She even turned on the amp for him so he could headbang.  Yes he headbangs....I'm not making this up.

He has his own sign for guitar.  It looks a lot like milk.  I have a hard time telling them apart except for the fact that he knows Daddy has no milk so if he is signing at Daddy he must want him to play guitar.

I truly hope that he does end up playing guitar.  He was seemingly born with a love for this instrument.

Daddy is already telling me we need to buy the boys mini electric guitars for their next birthday.

I have a feeling that ear plugs are in my future for many reasons.  (And yes I realize just how crotchety that makes me sound! ha ha)

"Please Baby......."

On an entirely different note, I love the bond I see forming between these two.  They love playing together and they crack each other up all day long.  It reminds me of how my brother and I used to be.  It occurred to me today that they have about the same age difference as we do too.  Oh the adventures these two will have!

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