My Commercial for E cloths

I'm the kind of person that tells everyone when I love something.  I love word of mouth recommendations so I always give mine if something is good.

These E cloths have seriously changed my life.  Dramatic I know.  But I LOVE these things.

I have been using safe cleaners or homeade cleaners for quite some time but a) they are expensive and b) I could never find a good replacement for windex.

The e-cloths clean EVERYTHING.  My windows look amazing (when I have time to clean them).  I don't have to lug a bunch of products around with me anymore.  I simply carry around my e-cloth and my polish cloth.  The ONLY area in my house where I use a cleaner is the toilet because yuck.  I can say yes when the girls want to help me clean because I know that they are 100% safe.

The professional e-cloths are super high quality microfiber with silver sewn into the fabric.  The microfiber picks up all the germs and junk so you just need water to clean.  No chemicals at all.  I know it sounds unbelieveable but go watch the chicken video.  It convinced me.

The million reasons I love them:

Things like coconut oil wipes away with no oily residue.

To clean our million baby toys I simply wipe them down with an e-cloth and they are done.  Much easier and safer than trying to spray them down.  They work really well on our hard floors too.  I want the mop but I haven't bought it yet so I have been spot cleaning with the e-cloths and they work like nothing else!

The boys highchairs are degreased in lightning speed. The e-cloth even works on the fabric part of their chairs.  I don't have to worry about chemical residue on their trays either.

The e-cloth completely cleaned the microfiber chair that Baby sits on at the table.  I had given up on it and was going to reupolster the chairs and now it looks like brand new!

I always had a hard time getting my white appliances clean.  I always felt like I was just smearing around grease and dust.  Now they are spotless!!!

Cleaning the fridge is no longer a dreaded task.  An e-cloth gets it clean in a few minutes!

Seriously go buy a few!  If you like E-cloth on Facebook you can sign up for the emails where you will get a discount.  I don't have anything to do with the company and was not asked to write this I just love the e-cloths and I know some of my crunchy friends might also want to try them!


  1. Brins come over and I'll give you a demonstration..lol

  2. This e-cloth review is great. I have some e-cloth and they are amazing. I can't believe how much cleaner everything is and only using water!!!


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