My Buddy Love

I couldn't give an update on Bunny and not Buddy.  Oh how I love this little stinker.  It really is amazing the difference between boys and girls.  Boogie was an angel baby.  Just sat there and looked cute.  Toddled around and pointed to things and said "What's that?"  Baby was a little harder and definitely got into more trouble that her sister.  Buddy is all over the place.

He is perfectly happy as long as he has lots of room to explore and things to get into.  He is obsessed with Daddy's guitars and can easily open the latches.  I have a video of him playing guitar that is so cute.  He LOVES it.

I told Daddy we need to just buckle down and baby proof the downstairs so he can wander around all day.  We moved in when I was pregnant so the cabinets aren't locked.  (Like the cabinet where I keep my cups) We also need to lock down the playroom, also known as baby choker adventureland.  It is the first spot he runs to when he escapes because he wants to jump on the trampoline and sing in the microphone.  Last but not least we need to barricade the stairs because our boy loves a challenge.  And he is lighting quick.

Oh but he is so much fun.  I have a younger sister and brother and my brother was always the clown of the family.  I have a feeling Buddy might be our clown.  He loves to laugh and make us laugh.  He is always smiling.

He has a few words.  He says "thank you, all done, mama, dada, luca, cheese and auntie"  I'm sure he thinks he is saying a lot more things because he babbles non stop.  He signs "Eat (like 1000 times a day), all done, milk and more"  I'm sure he would sign more if mommy knew more words to teach him.  I need to get on that!

It's my sneaking suspicion that he will be mechanically inclined like his daddy.  It already amazes me what he can get into and figure out.  He's obsessed with opening and closing things too.  I know I'm his mom and extremely biased but this boy is one smart cookie.

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