Minimal Easter

We have this thing in my family where if we are going to simplify something, like Christmas traditions, we call it "minimal ___________ ".  I feel like since the babesters have come along that every Holiday is a minimal version of BB (Before Babesters).  I'm actually okay with that though because I make sure we do the things that are important to the girls and we are still making memories by all being together even if we don't do all the expected festivities.

The girls really wanted to dye eggs this year and do an egg hunt.  Lucky for me there was a huge egg hunt right behind our house at a local park.  I was slightly afraid my sweet girls were going to get trampled but not only did they hold their own but they each shared a few of their eggs with a crying girl who didn't get any.  Can you say proud mommy moment?

We also dyed eggs.  I keep seeing blog posts for how to dye your eggs with natural dyes and I wanted to do that although we just ran out of time so I just bought a kit.  I honestly didn't get why it was better to do natural dyes until my girls went to eat one of our dyed eggs and I saw dye on the actual egg. yuck.  Next year we will try the natural way.

I was going to skip candy in the baskets this year as I am really trying to keep junk out of our house and candy is like poison in my mind BUT when I was at Whole Foods a few days before I found some jelly beans and bunnies that weren't too bad so I got those as an afterthought.  You know what?  They were more excited about the toys I put in there anyway.  We're getting there!

The girs picked out their Easter outfits all by themselves.  Boogie brought her own money to buy her accessories.  She is very into accessories because she wants to dress sassy like her Auntie.  I thought they did a great job with the outfits.  I've taught them well (Which they probably don't realize since my usual mom uniform is jeans, a sweatshirt and no makeup.  Gone are the days of my sassy outfits unless I am going out!)

We went to church in the morning and spent the day at my parents.  My sister drove up and the girls were going crazy waiting for Auntie.

Although I wish my sister lived in the same town *ahem* I am glad she lives close enough to drive up for the Holidays.  The kids adore her and I of course love having her around.  Even if she dresses sassier than me now.

Here is our impromptu attempt at a family picture.  Daddy and Buddy are conspiring to pull my hair in the back.  Bunny is looking at Baby like she is an idiot.  Boogie and I are perfect as always.  It's a hilarious picture even if it's not canvas worthy.

The night before Easter I heard Baby singing when she was going to sleep and the words to her song were "Tomorrow is going to be the best Easter ever!"  I'm not sure if it was the best one ever but it was definitely a great Easter.

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