Bunny Updates

Fancy Pants

Bunny has been making such great progress.  He can now sit by himself as long as he has a boppy around his bottom.  He won't usually push straight back anymore so I feel like he is safe as long as I am closeish. 

He is also army crawling!  It is very slow going and requires a lot of effort on his part but he can do it!  He gets so mad at me because I keep moving his toy further away.  The comical part is that Buddy catches on to what I am doing and comes over and snatches the toy.  Little stinker!

He also has one of his bottom teeth coming in.  I am a little nervous to see what it's going to look like.  I've hear his teeth may come in crooked and sharp so it should be interesting.  I don't see the top middle teeth but the top eye teeth are right there.  My little vampire boy.

Bunny's favorite new thing is when I get face to face and copy his movements.  We go through this whole routine and he just squeels.  He LOVES it.  I know it's good for communication and it's fun for me too.  I crack up when he gets going.

Bunny had an eye appointment last week and again passed with flying colors.  I still need to schedule his hearing test.  He has been so congested that they didn't want to schedule it and I am confident he hears because I test him all the time.  Still I want to make sure he doesn't have fluid or any of that bad stuff so it's on the agenda.  I know it's a critical issue to stay on top of.

And I think that's all his news.  Have I mentioned how much I adore this munchkin? 

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