My Future Rockstar

Much to Buddy's delight, Baby left her guitar out last night.  Buddy quickly spotted it on one of his escapes from his designated wandering areas today.

He shakes with excitement when he actually gets to get this close to a guitar and a permagrin appears on his face.

Baby is a good sport and let him have a little fun.  She even turned on the amp for him so he could headbang.  Yes he headbangs....I'm not making this up.

He has his own sign for guitar.  It looks a lot like milk.  I have a hard time telling them apart except for the fact that he knows Daddy has no milk so if he is signing at Daddy he must want him to play guitar.

I truly hope that he does end up playing guitar.  He was seemingly born with a love for this instrument.

Daddy is already telling me we need to buy the boys mini electric guitars for their next birthday.

I have a feeling that ear plugs are in my future for many reasons.  (And yes I realize just how crotchety that makes me sound! ha ha)

"Please Baby......."

On an entirely different note, I love the bond I see forming between these two.  They love playing together and they crack each other up all day long.  It reminds me of how my brother and I used to be.  It occurred to me today that they have about the same age difference as we do too.  Oh the adventures these two will have!

My Life in Pictures

She may not have the best camera smile but she has the best hair!!

The Bubble is Popped

Before the boys were born, I lived in a happy bubble of easy parenting.  We got pregnant easy, had no scares or miscarriages and my biggest medical concern was allergies. Life was easy(ish) and uncomplicated.  Then I found out we were having twins.  I knew that carrying twins could present more problems than carrying a singleton.  I began to worry..

At one of my ultrasounds of the boys I saw a very clear picture of Bunny's face and I heard the words down syndrome in my mind.  My heart lurched, my breath stopped and I quickly looked at my doctor's face to see her concern... but she had none.  I convinced myself that Bunny just looked like Boogie (which I think he does.  They both have round faces and big eyes).  All the way home from the Drs I thought about it but told myself that nothing like down syndrome happened to me.  We lived a very average life and I was worrying over nothing.

(Consequently, I doubt I saw anything that looked like down syndrome.  I think God was just trying to give me a hint.  I love that memory though.  My first real look at my sweet boy)

I pushed it so far to the back of my mind that I was SHOCKED when Bunny was born and they told me he had down syndrome.  There were other signs besides the ultrasound too but I just chose to rationalize them away and told myself I was being paranoid.

Something changed/broke in me when I received that diagnosis.  It made me come to terms with the fact that we are not immune to difficult events.

The first few months after the boys were born I was more than a little neurotic.  Whenever I thought that one of the boys was in danger I went into a severe stress mode and once I realized they were safe a HUGE wave of relief would wash over me that was so intense I could feel the wave crash through my body.  I had always been a fairly relaxed parent but I was wound very tight when these guys were tiny.

It wasn't just for the boys.  I remember Daddy telling me he thought Baby looked a little pale one night and I immediate convinced myself she probably had leukemia and that I had been so caught up with the boys that I had missed it.  She was just overtired.

I have definitely evened out and I don't operate at the same level of stress.  I do operate with a little bit more reality though.  Before the boys, I would have probably ruled out any serious concerns immediately while now I want them all looked into just to be sure.  It is as if my perfect bubble of denial has burst and now I know that we are not immune to anything.  I don't dwell on it and I don't feel overly fearful because I know we will handle things as they are given to us.  I am just more aware.  I might consult Dr Google and Dr You Tube a bit more often as well.

So if I sound overly concerned or neurotic about one of my kids you are just going to have to bear with me and give me grace and realize that my bubble has been popped.  I'm not trying to be over dramatic or doom and gloom....I am just being thorough.  I would rather not have any more surprises.


My Life in Pictures

Puzzle Time!

This Weeks Recipes Tried

I have to say that I am pretty darn proud of myself.  The only chips, crackers or processed snacks in the pantry are my blue corn chips.  I don't think I can give them up so they make their way into their designated pantry home each week.  Once I have the kids on a roll I will have to try harder to find a replacement for my beloved chips.

We are finding some favorites in the snack recipes.

No Bake Granola Bars - These have been a godsend.  As I've mentioned before, there is a severe nut allergy in Boogie's class so she can't bring peanut butter to school and most recipes have peanut butter.  I tried to substitute with sunflower butter but she doesn't like the sunflower butter all that much.  I made the bars with dried cranberries, coconut, and choc chips the first time.  The same the second time with the addition of chia seeds (which Boogie witnessed so she wouldn't touch them.  GRRRR.  You CAN"T taste them!)  Tonight I asked Baby how I could get her to eat them because she does not like dried cranberries and she said dried apricots would be good so I chopped some of those up and threw them in there.  I hardly add any choc chips..just enough to make them think they are getting away with something. 

Raw Real Food Cookies - This were as much for me as the kids.  They are like an energy ball.  And super easy to grab a few and eat while I am chasing kids.  Boogie and Baby both love them.  I made the oatmeal peanut butter ones because I think walnuts taste like poison.  I am going to try to make them peanut butter free for Boogie's lunch.

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Squares - Just popped these in the oven for tomorrow's breakfast. I outlawed cereal a long time ago so breakfast can be tricky.  Usually I do a big batch of pancakes and freeze them but the girls are sick of pancakes so I thought these squares would be a nice change.  Boogie swears she won't eat them because of the banana but they smell heavenly so we'll see

Fruit Roll Ups - I mentioned these last time but I found a fruit both girls love.  Mango!  In fact, Boogie's little friend at school that makes fun of her weird lunches asked Boogie to bring an extra with her.  Of course I sent an extra.  We are going to try peaches next.

This week I am looking for carrot recipes because we just bought the enormous organic bag at Costco.  I have carrots coming out of my ears!


Family Walk

I was laying on my bed being lazy with Boogie this afternoon when I looked out the window and thought "Why are we wasting this afternoon?"  Remembering that the boy's double wagon was freshly put together I decided we needed to take a family walk.

I was worried that Bunny would be uncomfortable because although he sits now it is an emerging skill and that's a long time to sit without much support so we modified his cab to make it a little more comfortable for him.  He was happy as a clam.

I've never used a Boppy pillow for breastfeeding but it sure has come in handy for a million other things!

Someone was feeling sassy.

We have an awesome little escape to nature area right behind out house and I LOVE to walk over there and get recharged.  The girls always beg to go down by the creek and the boys were mesmerized by the glistening water.

I was so worried they were going to slip on the muddy bank and fall in that I had to have Daddy take over girl watch.  They entertained themselves by throwing sticks in the water and watching them float away.

I was actually surprised that the boys were so patient while the girls played at the water.  Buddy got a little stir crazy but he entertained himself by terrorizing the plants nearby.

While we walk I usually point out birds or little creatures or cool flowers (taking after my dad on that one).  Boogie and I had just had a conversation about how Poppies are the state flower and you are not allowed to pick them.  So naturally when I saw some poppies I pointed them out to the girls.  Boogie went closer and I reminded her "We just look at poppies but we can't pick them"

Baby walked over to get a look and I also reminded her "We just look but we can't pick".  Daddy and I were still walking when we heard "I PICKED A POPPY YOU CAN PICK THEM!  LOOK I PICKED A POPPY!"

You should have seen the horrified look on Boogie's face.  Apparently Baby thought I meant that you physically can't pick them.  So she had to try.

Oh Baby....

Will you look at that view??  I love where we live.  This is a view that is a 10 minute walk from my house.

And some nature pictures because I can't help myself.  We always teased my dad growing up because he was obsessed with talking pictures of flowers.  Apparently my obsession is ominous spiky weeds.

What a perfect Saturday afternoon!


My Commercial for E cloths

I'm the kind of person that tells everyone when I love something.  I love word of mouth recommendations so I always give mine if something is good.

These E cloths have seriously changed my life.  Dramatic I know.  But I LOVE these things.

I have been using safe cleaners or homeade cleaners for quite some time but a) they are expensive and b) I could never find a good replacement for windex.

The e-cloths clean EVERYTHING.  My windows look amazing (when I have time to clean them).  I don't have to lug a bunch of products around with me anymore.  I simply carry around my e-cloth and my polish cloth.  The ONLY area in my house where I use a cleaner is the toilet because yuck.  I can say yes when the girls want to help me clean because I know that they are 100% safe.

The professional e-cloths are super high quality microfiber with silver sewn into the fabric.  The microfiber picks up all the germs and junk so you just need water to clean.  No chemicals at all.  I know it sounds unbelieveable but go watch the chicken video.  It convinced me.

The million reasons I love them:

Things like coconut oil wipes away with no oily residue.

To clean our million baby toys I simply wipe them down with an e-cloth and they are done.  Much easier and safer than trying to spray them down.  They work really well on our hard floors too.  I want the mop but I haven't bought it yet so I have been spot cleaning with the e-cloths and they work like nothing else!

The boys highchairs are degreased in lightning speed. The e-cloth even works on the fabric part of their chairs.  I don't have to worry about chemical residue on their trays either.

The e-cloth completely cleaned the microfiber chair that Baby sits on at the table.  I had given up on it and was going to reupolster the chairs and now it looks like brand new!

I always had a hard time getting my white appliances clean.  I always felt like I was just smearing around grease and dust.  Now they are spotless!!!

Cleaning the fridge is no longer a dreaded task.  An e-cloth gets it clean in a few minutes!

Seriously go buy a few!  If you like E-cloth on Facebook you can sign up for the emails where you will get a discount.  I don't have anything to do with the company and was not asked to write this I just love the e-cloths and I know some of my crunchy friends might also want to try them!

Sassy like Auntie

When Auntie was here last week, Grandma and Auntie took Boogie out for an afternoon of shopping fun while Baby was at preschool.  Boogie came home with a cute new outfit that she said was her "sassy like Auntie" outift.  She was so proud of her outfit and has been selecting her outfits very carefully since their shopping day.

Boogie has always been a little fashionista.  When she was 1 I took her to Target for some new shoes and she insisted on a pair of pink clogs.  She could barely walk in them but she LOVED those things! (And yes of course I indulged her because I get it!) I think wearing uniforms for the last few years has caused her to lose a little of her spunk but I guess the visit from Auntie was what she needed to remind her of her love of all things pretty.

I may be partly to blame as well, because let's face it...I have no time to be cute and "sassy" these days.  My uniform is jeans, a tank and some kind of hoodie or easy to breastfeed in top.  I never wear makeup and barely brush my hair.  Of course I "get ready" if we are going somewhere special but for day to day errands I am pretty much plain girl (but always showered and clean...always)

In fact, when I posted pictures of the girls in their Easter outfits on Facebook there were a few "Oh look...sassy like Auntie and she must get her fashion sense from Auntie" and I was thinking "Hey!  I am a fashionable girl!" and then I looked down at my hoodie with baby snot smeared all over it and had a reality check.

So I am telling this whole story to the lady at the consignment store where I sell back our baby stuff as fast as I can to declutter my life.  Boogie is wandering around trying on shoes and I keep telling her I am not buying her any shoes with heels or a wedge. (For her own safety.  She is kinda clumsy at times)  Suddenly she comes clomping over in a pair of white satin Easter shoes with a chunky small heel and her face says it all...."She must have them".  I said "Bella, I told you no heels" and the owner of the store says "Auntie would buy them" with a wicked smile on her face.  I of course caved.

I realized she desperately needed the heels because she wanted to be like her auntie and that was so cute I just couldn't resist.  She is only allowed to wear them around the house but she just floats around the house in these things.  She is in heaven.  Personallly, I think we need to work on her shoe taste but hey...she has her heels.

My Buddy Love

I couldn't give an update on Bunny and not Buddy.  Oh how I love this little stinker.  It really is amazing the difference between boys and girls.  Boogie was an angel baby.  Just sat there and looked cute.  Toddled around and pointed to things and said "What's that?"  Baby was a little harder and definitely got into more trouble that her sister.  Buddy is all over the place.

He is perfectly happy as long as he has lots of room to explore and things to get into.  He is obsessed with Daddy's guitars and can easily open the latches.  I have a video of him playing guitar that is so cute.  He LOVES it.

I told Daddy we need to just buckle down and baby proof the downstairs so he can wander around all day.  We moved in when I was pregnant so the cabinets aren't locked.  (Like the cabinet where I keep my cups) We also need to lock down the playroom, also known as baby choker adventureland.  It is the first spot he runs to when he escapes because he wants to jump on the trampoline and sing in the microphone.  Last but not least we need to barricade the stairs because our boy loves a challenge.  And he is lighting quick.

Oh but he is so much fun.  I have a younger sister and brother and my brother was always the clown of the family.  I have a feeling Buddy might be our clown.  He loves to laugh and make us laugh.  He is always smiling.

He has a few words.  He says "thank you, all done, mama, dada, luca, cheese and auntie"  I'm sure he thinks he is saying a lot more things because he babbles non stop.  He signs "Eat (like 1000 times a day), all done, milk and more"  I'm sure he would sign more if mommy knew more words to teach him.  I need to get on that!

It's my sneaking suspicion that he will be mechanically inclined like his daddy.  It already amazes me what he can get into and figure out.  He's obsessed with opening and closing things too.  I know I'm his mom and extremely biased but this boy is one smart cookie.


Bunny Updates

Fancy Pants

Bunny has been making such great progress.  He can now sit by himself as long as he has a boppy around his bottom.  He won't usually push straight back anymore so I feel like he is safe as long as I am closeish. 

He is also army crawling!  It is very slow going and requires a lot of effort on his part but he can do it!  He gets so mad at me because I keep moving his toy further away.  The comical part is that Buddy catches on to what I am doing and comes over and snatches the toy.  Little stinker!

He also has one of his bottom teeth coming in.  I am a little nervous to see what it's going to look like.  I've hear his teeth may come in crooked and sharp so it should be interesting.  I don't see the top middle teeth but the top eye teeth are right there.  My little vampire boy.

Bunny's favorite new thing is when I get face to face and copy his movements.  We go through this whole routine and he just squeels.  He LOVES it.  I know it's good for communication and it's fun for me too.  I crack up when he gets going.

Bunny had an eye appointment last week and again passed with flying colors.  I still need to schedule his hearing test.  He has been so congested that they didn't want to schedule it and I am confident he hears because I test him all the time.  Still I want to make sure he doesn't have fluid or any of that bad stuff so it's on the agenda.  I know it's a critical issue to stay on top of.

And I think that's all his news.  Have I mentioned how much I adore this munchkin? 

My Life in Pictures

Snappy Snap I'm a Crab

Minimal Easter

We have this thing in my family where if we are going to simplify something, like Christmas traditions, we call it "minimal ___________ ".  I feel like since the babesters have come along that every Holiday is a minimal version of BB (Before Babesters).  I'm actually okay with that though because I make sure we do the things that are important to the girls and we are still making memories by all being together even if we don't do all the expected festivities.

The girls really wanted to dye eggs this year and do an egg hunt.  Lucky for me there was a huge egg hunt right behind our house at a local park.  I was slightly afraid my sweet girls were going to get trampled but not only did they hold their own but they each shared a few of their eggs with a crying girl who didn't get any.  Can you say proud mommy moment?

We also dyed eggs.  I keep seeing blog posts for how to dye your eggs with natural dyes and I wanted to do that although we just ran out of time so I just bought a kit.  I honestly didn't get why it was better to do natural dyes until my girls went to eat one of our dyed eggs and I saw dye on the actual egg. yuck.  Next year we will try the natural way.

I was going to skip candy in the baskets this year as I am really trying to keep junk out of our house and candy is like poison in my mind BUT when I was at Whole Foods a few days before I found some jelly beans and bunnies that weren't too bad so I got those as an afterthought.  You know what?  They were more excited about the toys I put in there anyway.  We're getting there!

The girs picked out their Easter outfits all by themselves.  Boogie brought her own money to buy her accessories.  She is very into accessories because she wants to dress sassy like her Auntie.  I thought they did a great job with the outfits.  I've taught them well (Which they probably don't realize since my usual mom uniform is jeans, a sweatshirt and no makeup.  Gone are the days of my sassy outfits unless I am going out!)

We went to church in the morning and spent the day at my parents.  My sister drove up and the girls were going crazy waiting for Auntie.

Although I wish my sister lived in the same town *ahem* I am glad she lives close enough to drive up for the Holidays.  The kids adore her and I of course love having her around.  Even if she dresses sassier than me now.

Here is our impromptu attempt at a family picture.  Daddy and Buddy are conspiring to pull my hair in the back.  Bunny is looking at Baby like she is an idiot.  Boogie and I are perfect as always.  It's a hilarious picture even if it's not canvas worthy.

The night before Easter I heard Baby singing when she was going to sleep and the words to her song were "Tomorrow is going to be the best Easter ever!"  I'm not sure if it was the best one ever but it was definitely a great Easter.