Therapy Update

I forgot to update the blog about what the Dr said regarding there being a physical issue for Bunny's not wanting to sit or bear weight in a forward position.  He said his hips looked good and also said he didn't think it was reflux.  Our other thought was that it was possibly Bunny's undecended testicle and the Dr pretty much laughed at this suggestion but I am honestly not sold because when the urologist was pressing on where he thought it was Bunny was very clearly uncomfortable.  So the PT and I (she is also a woman) decided we will just move forward but be sensitive to his cues.  The sitting doesn't seem like it is an issue but he very clearly winces when she has him bearing weight on his right leg in a forward position (which happens to be the undescended side)

Last week we had a horrible OT session.  The owner of the OT center and Bunny's therapist were both working with Bunny because the owner wanted to see where he was at.  I was in the waiting room and about 10 minutes in I heard crying.  That soon escalated to screaming.  Bunny sounded scared and it was TORTURE for me to be sitting there not knowing what was going on.  They cut the session short and when I finally got to see him I teared up because I felt so sad for him because he looked so scared.

The owner said they had been doing a lot of muscle stimulating exercises (brushing, joint compression, vibrating etc) and he wasn't used to the feeling and he was freaking out.  He would not let me put him down for the rest of the 50 minutes. 

The next day I got to be in the session because his teacher wanted to teach me exercises to do at home.  Bunny was NOT having it.  He was crying when I wasn't holding him.  This time it was a mad cry which I can handle.  I sang to him a lot and that helped.  I taught the teacher his favorite songs.  He really likes music and songs.

The next day I tried the brushing at home and he freaked out.  Of course I then had to do it on myself to make sure it wasn't hurting.  It doesn't hurt at all.  I have done it every day and today was the first day he was okay with it.  I brushed him when he was younger and he didn't seem to mind so I can only assume he associates it with that one session.

Look!  On all 4s!!!  He keeps scooting back from this position.  It's not forward but I'll take it!

Yesterday we had PT. Bunny has done great in his previous 2 sessions.  Buddy and I get to be there on the floor with him.  Yesterday he cried the minute I put him down and would not take his eyes off of me.  The PT ended up showing me the exercises with her doll and I did them with Bunny.  I told her about the OT session and we agreed that now he was wary of everyone!

I'm so sad because I worked for these services and now he hates them!  I'm going to ask the OT tomorrow to not brush him.  There are a few choices for muscle stimulation and that one seems to set him off.  I'm hoping that if we back off a bit he will relax again.  Fingers crossed!!!!

The PT also suggested I order a pair of hip helpers for him.  Bunny tends to froggy a lot so we are hoping this helps.  I know he is not going to be happy because he won't be able to do Superman in his designer bike shorts!

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