My Life as a Comedy

A few days ago I got the mandoline I ordered from Amazon.  I have been making these apple chips for Boogie but because I didn't have a mandoline I was just kind of slicing them as thin as I could.  Since she begs me to make them all the time I decided to buy one to make my job a little easier.  I'm sure I will find lots of other uses for it as well.

As I pulled the mandoline out of the box I noticed these tiny black things all over everything.  On closer inspection I decided they were bugs and quickly took everything to the back yard.  I studied them and couldn't see legs but just figured they were dead and their legs were curled under them. Yuck!!

I immediately contacted Amazon for a replacement.  I do not need an infestation of bugs. (I'm a little paranoid about these things)

Today I was eating a bowl of granola and gasped as I brought the spoon to my mouth....the same bugs!  Oh...wait.....those were the chia seeds I sprinkled on the granola.  Of course, then my mind began to play vicious tricks on me.  Were they really chia seeds or was I eating bugs?

I decided Amazon can get a chuckle at my expense when they get their "buggy" mandoline back because even if they aren't insects it still seems used and that's gross.  Daddy already got quite a kick out of it.

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