I'm Not Cut Out for This

...I'm not going to say "for raising a special needs child" so breath a sigh of relief.

I'm talking about meat.  Chicken specifically.  I've always been grossed out by meat.  I still eat it but I have a very limited list of acceptable meats and shapes they come in.  When Boogie was three she told me she was a vegetarian and it did not shock or dismay me.  I totally get it.

I've been trying to broaden my horizons so I put roast chicken on the menu this week.  I know...it sounds like "Beginner Housewife 101" but the few times I have had to pull the meat off of a rotisserie chicken I got so grossed out.  But I was determined to be brave.

So this morning I told Baby that she and I were going to be brave and make a roast chicken in the crock pot today.  She pulled up her chair to the sink and we got started.

I pulled out the nasty packet of giblets and tried not to think about it.  I started to wash the chicken and was FREAKING out.  The chicken was 5 pounds. My babies were about the same size when they were born.  Seriously....the chicken was slippery and moving and it was just all so gross. 

Then I started cutting off the skin and Baby started to get into it.

Baby: "Don't worry Mr Chicken we are just cutting off your skin"

Me:  "Baby!!  You are NOT helping!  Don't talk to him" 

Baby:  "Is that his butt?  Is poop coming out of his butt?"

Me:  "NO!  I don't know...ew"  I flipped the chicken over and it was moving and flapping around while I was moving it.

Baby:  "You are dancing with Mr Chicken!!"

I just kept thinking that I was SO GLAD that Boogie wasn't there because she would really never touch chicken again (her vegetarianism is mostly convenient although she will NEVER touch pork).  It turned out yummy though and we all enjoyed it.  I just don't know if I can do it again.


  1. OMG - I was laughing so hard I almost wet myself! This is SO me - I never eat meat unless it comes from a restaurant or someone else cooked it! It grosses me out to touch it raw, but I do find it tasty! Baby is just too funny! Good job on all the new things you are trying - sorry for all the extra dishes. Oh, I had taped a doctor Oz episode - have you heard of coconut palm sugar? Evidently you use it just like regular sugar but it is much better for you and doesn't create the highs & lows of regular sugar. In case you are interested in investigating... Hugs, AJ

  2. I have heard of it but have yet to try it. If I do I'll let you know :) At least I know I get it legally! ha ha


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