First Haircut

The boys have needed a little haircut for quite some time.  Buddy had hair that covered his ears and Bunny had a comb-over mullet.  It was time.  So today I made a few calls and found a place that would take us today.

Buddy went first and sat in the big boy chair.  I had to hold his arms down the whole time and even sing to him.  He was not a fan of the haircut.  Towards the end he was SCREAMING.  It was making him even more mad that I was holding his arms down.

I held Bunny on my lap for his haircut.  He is so twisty that I thought he would be squirming too much on his own.  He was an angel and kept looking up at the girl to flash her a smile.  I didn't get a pic so I cheated so I could show we were there.

The end result:

No more hair over his ears!

Such a big boy!

His cuteness kills me!

Notice his top front teeth poking through!

And Mr Bunny

He looks like such a big boy!

Yay!  The spikes are back!
Joe Cool
Boogie, my sentimental girl, was sad that I cut Bunny's hair.  She said he didn't look like himself anymore.  I think it is a huge improvement!  The boy needs his spikes!

The boys turn 1 in less than a week and I am heartbroken over the fact that I STILL don't have my computer and all their month pictures are on it.  I have sent emails and left messages begging but I have been ignored.  I know I'm not top priority so I am trying to be patient but it is breaking my heart.

I plan to do an update on the boys for their one year birthday but a few tidbits in the meantime..

Bunny:  He started PT this week.  The PT thinks he might have a medical issue keeping him from sitting because he kind of winces and immediately jerks when he is sitting straight up.  We are going to the Dr next week to see if we can find anything.  I'm not totally convinced but I want to rule things out just in case.  He also starts (finally!) OT next week.  He will go 2x a week for three weeks and then 1x a week after that.  I'm super excited!  He is still his sweet little self.  He is tolerating sitting a little better but mostly likes to stay on his tummy.  He can get himself all over the floor.  He is getting better at getting on his knees and pushing forwards. 

Buddy:  Is walking.  He took his first steps on Boogie's birthday (early January) and is now walking all over.  He is still new walker and awkward but he doesn't let that stop him.  He is very proud of his new trick.

He is also getting very adventurous and mischievous.  Any time I take my eye off of him for a second he is crawling toward the playroom.  The playroom is off limits for the babies because it is filled with lots of squinkies and various baby chokers.  So naturally, it is the place he would most like to be.  When I start to follow him he giggles and speeds up.

He has also started to figure out he can climb.  Oh my little stinky...

I have lots more to say about both boys and my sadness that they are almost one but I will leave it for another day.  We have a birthday week to plan!

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