Bunny Brags

Have I mentioned Bunny can sit now?  Well he can and we are so excited.  I need to stay close by because it is still a new skill but he can do it!!  I think he looks so adorable sitting because he is so small!!  I never would have guessed a few weeks ago that he would be sitting so soon.  He seemed so far from ever sitting and then he just could.  I'm so proud of him!
(from my mom's i-phone)
"Oh look at me.  I am just squeezing some applesauce into my mouth all by myself"
Bunny has become way more aware of what he can do.  While I learned long ago that Buddy could be handed a squeezy pouch and it would keep him happy for a few seconds I still had to squeeze them into Bunny's mouth for him.  Not any more!! 

I had an idea the other day and before I tried with the pouch I brushed Bunny's hands and did the joint compression exercises just on the hands.  Voila.  Look who can now hold and squeeze!! 

Once I figured out he could do this I also filled his cup and handed it to him.  The cup is still hard for him but he can do it as long as I am close by to help every now and then.  He drinks from a straw like a champ!

So proud of himself!

The OT center did a feeding study for Bunny the other day and he got gold stars!  I wanted him to be evaluated just to make sure we weren't starting any bad habits.  They said he had excellent mouth closure and that the only issues he was having (he doesn't chew very well) were related to his tone and that as he got better tone and balance he would get better at chewing.  They were very impressed with all the foods he has eaten too! 

Have I mentioned how happy I am that we have PT and OT now?  OH SO HAPPY!!!


  1. This is AMAZING!!! I loved the video of him sitting...he makes me smile everytime I see his pics!! So proud of him...

  2. Way to go Bunny! I'm going to try joint compressions with Ben. Maybe that will help him hold on to things. Thanks for the idea!

  3. I'm so glad the OT is working! And PT too? Awesome! I do the joint compressions on Charlotte's fingers to help with her crayon/pencil/marker grip and they really do work. We love the squeezable applesauces too!


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