Bunny at 1 Year

I want to start Bunny's update with a disclaimer.  I know Buddy's update was "He does this..he does that' brag brag brag.  Bunny's might seem like "He can't do this...he can't do that" in comparison but it is not meant to be negative or sad.  Bunny is where he is at and I want to give a realistic picture.

Buddy is a typical child and things have come easy for him.  Despite his first few months with his hypertonia he has had no issues standing in his way.  Bunny is behind in gross motor even for other kids with down syndrome but he will get there and I figure the more of reality you know now the more you can celebrate with us when he meets his milestones.  It does get me down at times but only because I love him so much and I want things to be easy for him.  I know I just need to have patience and keep at it.  So without further ado...

My favorite trick of Bunny's is that he gives kisses now.  He doesn't just open his mouth and lean in like his brother (gotta love sloppy baby kisses).  He puts his chubby paws on each side of my face and pulls me to him.  The first time I realized he was kissing me was after our first OT appt.  The therapist had requested that Buddy and I wait in the waiting room so she and Bunny could develop a relationship.  When we got home I pulled him out of his car seat and he looked up at me and smiled his huge smile and did his happy yell and pulled himself to me for a kiss.  I guess it wasn't just hard on me!

My boy LOVES to babble and yell.  Of course his favorite is also "Da da da".  He can also say "Mama" and "Yay"!!  Boogie swears he can also say "Baba" but I haven't witnessed it although I would not be surprised because she is definitely his favorite.

It amazes me what two weeks of PT and OT have already done for him.  He is going up on his arms like this all day and when he is in a good mood he will try to get his legs underneath at the same time.  Tonight I was giving him support at his pecs and he was going into quad position again and again.  He just needs to build more strength and I am finally getting better ideas for doing just that. 

I can tell that he is just dying to go places.  He rolls all over and he rocks his body like crazy just trying to get it to MOVE!  I think it's a good sign because he needs motivation to learn the exercises his therapists are teaching him.  I have been putting him on the crawling track more often again (He was trying to flip off of it for awhile there) and he gets down it by pushing his legs and pulling his body rather than trying to flip or roll.  Progress.

Another thing I have noticed is that he is not quite as twisty as he was.  He stays in a more stable position, like sitting, without twisting to get out of it.  It makes it much easier to hold him and its easier to do exercises with him.

He is still not real interested in sitting.  He can sit for a few seconds unassisted but then arches back.  I think he would prefer to crawl first and since that is what his brother did that is fine with me. 

One of the things we have been focusing on in PT is bearing weight on his legs.  Up until now he would bring his legs up when you tried to get him to stand.  I think he has finally been made aware that he has legs.  If I hold him against me on my lap he will stand on his legs.  Tonight I had him on his exercise (which I cannot for the life of me spell...it gets underlined EVERY time I type it) ball and when his feet touched the ground he kept them there nice and sturdy.

I am trying to resist the temptation to beat myself up about not getting him more services earlier.  I wish I had just hounded and hounded sooner but I cannot change that now so on we go.  The Dr thinks that he will catch up quickly now that he has more support.  I really like our new therapists....our PT especially so I feel very positive about it.

Enough about that.  Who needs to sit when you are so darn cute right?  Another thing I love that Bunny does is when he says "YAY!!!!!!"  If anyone says "Yay" he claps or flaps his arms and also says "YAAAAAAAAY!" with his cute little raspy voice.  It's adorable.  He does it with great enthusiasm.  He will be an excellent fan some day.

 Bunny LOVES music.  He loves to dance.  He moves side to side to dance and if you encourage him he really gets going!  The other night daddy was playing guitar for the boys and Bunny was pounding away on his piano and I swear he was in beat with Daddy.  It was hilarious.

He's very ticklish and honestly gets tickled quite often because he has the BEST giggle.  We can't resist it.

At his wellness check today he had gained a good amount of weight although he hasn't gained height at the same rate.  The Dr isn't worried because we just had his growth hormone levels checked and they were fine but we are going to keep an eye on it. 

I'm glad he is continuing to gain weight and again I am not surprised.  He LOVES to eat.  He can self feed although he is using his fist not a pincher grasp.  I have learned to space the food on his tray strategically or he will shovel handfuls of food in his mouth way too quickly.  He loves flavor and is quite fond of table food (He will not eat boring baby food at all).  He does seem to have issues with textures but not eating them as much as touching them.  The first time I fed him scrambled eggs you would have thought I put a snake on his tray.  He got over it though.  We are going to have a feeding study at our OT's office in a few weeks and I think that will help us both.

A few days ago I was chatting with a mom of an adult with down syndrome and she told me that his brother and sister just adored him and that he was the glue that held the family together.  I can see Mr Bunny slipping into this role quite nicely.  We just adore this little boy!


  1. He is beyond adorable!! Looking at his pics just makes me want to kiss and cuddle him!

  2. I haven't checked blogs for awhile but the other day you popped in my head and I thought..I bet those boys are close to a year old now and yes I was right!
    They are so so cute! They look great...It seems everyone is doing well..and you are doing an amazing job! WOW :)

  3. What a beautiful tribute to both of your boys. They are so lucky to have you as a mama! Your love and admiration for them is contagious. Congratulations on surviving the 1st year!


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