Buddy at 1 Year

Where to start?  This boy...this baby perfection is what I always dreamed having a boy would be like.  He is active, he is loud but at the same time he is a lover.  He started out an angry little newborn who would turn purple when he was mad because he was screaming so hard.  He has transitioned into a funny, extremely good-natured little boy.  He loves to make his us laugh.

He is perfectly happy as long as he can explore.  He spends his days walking (yes walking) around and picking up toys and getting into mischief.  His favorite area is the cabinet that keeps all the dvds.  I clean up a huge mess of dvds every single night.

The lover part?  This is his current favorite toy.  He spends all day hugging and kissing it.  He drags it with him everywhere.  I did see him banging its head on the floor at the doctors office today and laughing so he obviously has a good balance of destruction and sweetness.

Speaking of the doctor... he got a perfect report for his 1 year wellness check.  His height is still in the 50% but his weight jumped to the 75% (I think it was 25-30 at 9 months).  As active as he is, the boy eats ALL day so it's not too surprising.  He has learned to sign more, eat, all done and milk.  He uses eat 75% of the time.  I tried to teach my girls to sign too but they were never interested.  I think it's because they were already talking at this age.

Buddy says "Dada", "Mama" and "Gigi".  I think he has said "All done" and "Baba" (Boogie) too but they aren't as clear.  He also says "Uh oh".  Oh and another favorite...he hits his head and says "Ow".  He thinks it is hysterical.  He is just starting to shake his head "yes" or "no" when I ask him a question.  He mostly uses it for food questions.

Buddy has 4..almost 6 teeth.  He has 2 top teeth that are almost poked through.  It doesn't seem to bother him too much.  He eats most everything I give him.  I love a child that is not too picky.  He is not crazy about broccoli or peas but even those he will eat if he is hungry enough.  His favorite food is pasta with sauce.

One of my favorite things about this age is that you can teach your kids "tricks".  Buddy loves to do "So big".  He also "Shakes his booty", plays "Peek a Boo" and does the motions to his favorite songs.  He loves to mimic us and is a quick study.

These two continue to be "partners in crime".  Today at the Dr's office, Buddy was crawling onto the shelf under the exam table and Baby was further egging him on by cracking up.  If it wasn't so crazy (I was trying to keep Bunny on the table) it would have been much funnier to me.

I blocked off our living room yesterday with a big box so that Buddy could run wild (And he really does try to run).  I think he has been waiting for the day he could walk since he was born and he wants to practice his new skill all day.  There are less things to trip over in this room.

He has permasmile the whole time he is walking.  He did try to escape the box and climb the stairs.  I cannot take my eyes off of him for a second.

I think his next goal is to get outside.  Obviously we go outside quite a bit but he doesn't get to adventure out back with big sisters and he is just dying to.  The boys got a swing for their birthday so I have a feeling we will be spending lots of time in the backyard this summer.  He should be walking well enough for me not to have too many heart attacks.

This is an old picture but I just have to add that this boy LOVES his daddy.  I think Daddy is relieved to finally have someone on Team Daddy.  (The girls and I tend to team up on him)  He says "Dada" a million times more than he says "mama" and I am with him ALL day!!  The girls adore daddy too but not in the way that Buddy (and Bunny but this is Buddy's update) does.  I love seeing their father-son bond.  It's so sweet.

And that is my Buddy in a very small nutshell.  We are pretty crazy about this guy.

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