The Babesters Turn 1

Since things are tight financially around here we opted for a family only birthday for the boys.  I am not a party planner.  Parties stress me out but I am BIG on celebrating birthdays so I found lots of fun things on Pinterest to make the boys party more special.  I wanted the girls to be involved in the celebration of our boys.

The 2 front hats are for the boys.  The girls picked out which design was for who and then helped me pick out embellishments.  We had a GREAT time decorating all the hats.  There were only 6 kids (including my 4) here but we had LOTS of hats.

Funny thing about having a family of 6.  Even when you have a table that seats 8 you don't have enough room at the dinner table for too many guests.  Even less if your 4 year old broke one of your chairs.  To make enough room for everyone we emptied the mostly empty living room and made it the party room.  This was before the table and chairs arrived.

I'm a lucky mom
No thanks mom
Bunny was a much better sport.  The girls were SO proud of the hats.

When it came time for the cake things got a little crazy.  We were going to lite them and then each hold the cake in front of the boys so that we could sing.  We jumped the gun and started singing and Daddy had not made it around to Buddy.  He was looking at Bunny's cake with some fierce envy! 

Bunny was not so sure about his cake at first.  He would touch it and jerk back because he didn't like the texture of his frosting.  I dipped his finger in a few times and let him taste it and he got the hang of it real quick.

Buddy had no issues with digging right in although he was more reserved than I thought he would be since he is normally such a piggy!  I love Baby's face in this one.  The girls were so sweet today and were very involved.

You can see Buddy's two new teeth in this one.  He looks so funny with teeth!  It cracks me up.

 The frosting was making him shudder and tweak.  I have not given these guys any sugar at ALL up until now and Daddy rolled his eyes at me that I used Trader Joe's frosting with less yucky stuff but it was actually quite tasty!  It didn't have that artificial tang to it.  I took the cakes away after a few minutes.  I didn't want them to make themselves sick.

On Friday night Boogie came to me and asked me if she could do some chores to earn enough money to buy the boys presents.  Buddy loves dolls and he had inherited a cabbage patch kid that I accidentally ran over with my car.  Boogie wanted to buy each boy one of the Cabbage Patch cuties that they have at Target.  They are a little smaller and in costume.  She worked really hard and got the jobs done and we went shopping to get the dolls.  She even picked out bags and wrapped them herself and added homemade cards.  Buddy LOVED his doll and wouldn't stop kissing it and walking around carrying it.  The whole thing made me so happy.  Boogie's sweet little heart and the fact that her present was the biggest hit.  It made this mommy proud.

The day was everything I wanted it to be....small but with lots of love.

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  1. I'm still in shock that their ONE!! I swear you just told me you were pregnant like yesturday!! Good grief, time flies!! Your children are all so adorable, and it looks like you guys had such a fun day celebrating the babesters!!!


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