Park Fun

I have to admit that I was kind of dreading winter break.  Having both girls home all day sounded a wee bit overwhelming.  However, I woke up in a great mood yesterday and decided to embrace the day.  The forecast says 70's all week which I am so happy about!  That means lots of outside sunshine for us.  I am a park mom.  When I just had the 2 girls we used to go to the park every single day.  We love the park.

We had to do grocery shopping in the morning.  I NEVER bring all 4 kids with me.  We sometimes will do a quick trip but never my full shopping trip.  I guess I was feeling brave but I woke up knowing we could pull it off and we did!

Instead of being exhausted when we got home I was energized so we put the groceries away, ate lunch and headed off to the park.

We have a park in walking distance so I like to walk if possible because the extra exercise is good for us!  The girls decided to skip to the park.

The boys are getting a little too old to go to the park and just stay in their stroller.  They want to be part of the action!  Look at Buddy's top teeth.  You can see them all right there ready to come through.

This was Bunny's first time in the swing.  He's so small that I was scared to put him in before because I was afraid he would flop around.  I just modified the swing by tying a swaddle blanket behind his head to support him.  He LOVED swinging!

There are only 2 baby swings at our park and we hogged them!

Buddy loves to swing high.  Of course.

I am determined to make the best of this week!  Today mommy gets to get her hair cut!  Woohoo! ( It's only been 8 months) The rest of the week will be adventures for the kids.  I have to put my thinking cap on but we are going to spend as much time in the outdoors as we can!

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