Not Okay with this Mama Bear

I'm excited to finally be able to say that we are shaking up Bunny's services through Early Start.  He has his first evaluation for OT on Wednesday and last week is/was supposed to be our last session with our current infant teacher.  In March we will start with a new company that offers both infant teaching AND PT and we will focus on PT.  I need to get confirmation with our service coordinator but it should be a done deal and it better be.....

I think I have mentioned on here that I loved one of our infant teachers.  I knew she was very green but she worked so hard behind the scenes for Bunny and I could tell that she really wanted to help him.  I have not felt that way about the other 2 and one is the owner of the company that Early Start has Bunny's contract with. 

The owner told me once that "These guys tend to be lazy".  I'm sorry....lazy?  How can an 8 month old with low muscle tone be lazy?  And why are you using stereotypes when you are working with special needs children?  That never sat right with me and I mentioned my concerns to our service coordinator and she agreed we definitely needed to change.

I was talking with our favorite infant teacher (who now comes to hang out with the boys once a week so I can get things done.  LOVE her!) about the changes we were making and she told me something that enraged me.  When she first started with the company (she no longer works for them) she was nervous about working with Bunny because of his low tone.  She didn't want to hurt him and she didn't have any experience with babies with down syndrome (as I suspected) so she asked the owner for more training bfore she was on her own and the owner said "Oh just FAKE IT till you make it"

I don't care if this happens all the time.  It makes me SO angry.  This is MY son!  I don't even want to fully flesh out all my feelings about that statement because I will get ugly and hateful.  I will just leave it at "Good riddance" and "Shame on her".

If you make it your business to get money from the state to help children who truly need help than maybe you should give a damn.

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