A Mild Case of Down Syndrome

Today someone told me that Bunny's down syndrome must be a mild case because he was so charming and engaging.

Is there such a thing as a mild case of down syndrome?  No.  You either have it or you don't. 

However, just like typical children, each child will have his own strengths and weaknesses.  In therapy world the children might also be referred to as high or low functioning.

I know that a comment like this might be offensive to some.  It is not to me (well that might depend on who was saying it) and it wasn't today because I know that this person probably just doesn't have a lot of experience with down syndrome and was trying to give Bunny a compliment.  I might have said a similar thing before I learned more about down syndrome. 

I always try to remember the old me when people say or do something that seems insensitive to Bunny.  "Most" people are coming from a place of love and curiousness not cruelty.  I just try to educate them the best I can with my own limited knowledge.  Questions are always welcome.  Please never be afraid to ask me about Bunny. 

In other Bunny news:  His thyroid tests all came back perfect.  His first OT evaluation is FINALLY scheduled for the 15th of this month and once again we have a different infant teacher.  I'm working on the last one but won't bore you with the details until things have been changed.


  1. I wasnt bored with the details at all :) I love that little boy so much!! Thanks for hanging out today...it was so good to catch up <3

  2. I know..finally!! I've missed you all!

  3. My daughter just had a baby boy diagnosed with DS, her OBGYN at birth said he did not see any of the signs and disagreed. Test came back positive, and we as a family are coping, confused, and emotions are up and down. Any suggestions as to how to cope-treat-and prioritize? Thanks for any input or help.

    1. My best advice is to allow yourself to grieve and just take each day as it comes for now. Many parents who have a surprise diagnosis (like myself) have a grieving period. If you can, connect with your local down syndrome group. The mamas will be a great resource for drs and early start and all of the overwhelming lingo.


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