Park Fun

I have to admit that I was kind of dreading winter break.  Having both girls home all day sounded a wee bit overwhelming.  However, I woke up in a great mood yesterday and decided to embrace the day.  The forecast says 70's all week which I am so happy about!  That means lots of outside sunshine for us.  I am a park mom.  When I just had the 2 girls we used to go to the park every single day.  We love the park.

We had to do grocery shopping in the morning.  I NEVER bring all 4 kids with me.  We sometimes will do a quick trip but never my full shopping trip.  I guess I was feeling brave but I woke up knowing we could pull it off and we did!

Instead of being exhausted when we got home I was energized so we put the groceries away, ate lunch and headed off to the park.

We have a park in walking distance so I like to walk if possible because the extra exercise is good for us!  The girls decided to skip to the park.

The boys are getting a little too old to go to the park and just stay in their stroller.  They want to be part of the action!  Look at Buddy's top teeth.  You can see them all right there ready to come through.

This was Bunny's first time in the swing.  He's so small that I was scared to put him in before because I was afraid he would flop around.  I just modified the swing by tying a swaddle blanket behind his head to support him.  He LOVED swinging!

There are only 2 baby swings at our park and we hogged them!

Buddy loves to swing high.  Of course.

I am determined to make the best of this week!  Today mommy gets to get her hair cut!  Woohoo! ( It's only been 8 months) The rest of the week will be adventures for the kids.  I have to put my thinking cap on but we are going to spend as much time in the outdoors as we can!

My Life in Pictures

Well, I didn't see THAT one coming!  Buddy (aka strongest baby in the world) figured out that he could push the baby cage across the room.  Now what am I going to do??


A New Day

I got a lot of texts, emails and phone calls yesterday making sure I was okay so I thought I would just write a little "I'm not hiding under my covers eating chocolate and crying" post.

First of all, I don't want to sound ungrateful.  I do have wonderful friends who help me whenever they can and my parents always go out of their way to help me.  We just have A LOT of appointments.  I had a little conversation with God yesterday about the fact that he not only gave me twins but he gave me one with lots of appointments and He KNOWS our situation so whenever He decides to throw me a bone I'd be very happy to accept.

As far as Bunny, I get discouraged for him when he is behind but today I focused on the positive.  He is very healthy.  He has a perfect heart, good hearing, no site issues at this point and his thyroid levels are so far perfect.  He has never had anything worse than a cold.  I am so very thankful for these things.  He is also very verbal and just overall a very smiley happy guy.  He even clapped and danced WAY before his brother.  He has lots of positive things going for him.  I'm grateful for each and every one of them.  I know he will get there on his own time.  Patience is not a virtue I possess.  Looks like I get to work on that.

My mom called last night and offered to come over during her lunch and watch the boys so Baby and I could go on the field trip.  I couldn't get a hold of the teacher to let her know we could come so "The REAL queen" (aka my mom) came and took Baby to lunch and ice cream.  She was a happy girl.  I'm a happy mom and grateful daughter.


Today Stinks

Things have been progressing along pretty smoothly around here.  I rarely have the 5 oclock mean mommy meltdown and unless I am reading something online the tears are few and far between.  Today I set my record back to zero.

It started with Bunny's OT evaluation this morning.  I feel like he is even further behind than I realized and that makes me feel like I have failed him. It's okay with me if he is behind because of his own genetic makeup but not if I feel like I have not been working hard enough with him.  We started out in a good routine of getting all our exercises in and then the sicknesses and the mobility (Buddy)  hit us and I'm lucky to get 3 a day in.  So today I felt like a failure.

On top of that scheduling appointments completely stresses me out because it means I need to find childcare for at least Baby.  I don't have a long list of help and I feel guilty asking people to help me when I can't offer anything in return.  We don't have the money to hire anyone to help.  It makes me feel helpless and I hate that.

The breaking point was realizing that I had to tell Baby that we can't go to her field trip tomorrow, lunch with the queen, because I have no one to watch the babies (siblings are not allowed).  She was so sad and it broke my heart.  She told me "My teacher will be so mad at you and will tell me to get a new mom who says yes to field trips".  That was fun to hear.

I know this is a season and I know I am feeling sorry for myself but today just plain stinks.


My Life in Pictures

Gotta love Pinterest!

My Life in Pictures

Just try to resist my cuteness!

Not Okay with this Mama Bear

I'm excited to finally be able to say that we are shaking up Bunny's services through Early Start.  He has his first evaluation for OT on Wednesday and last week is/was supposed to be our last session with our current infant teacher.  In March we will start with a new company that offers both infant teaching AND PT and we will focus on PT.  I need to get confirmation with our service coordinator but it should be a done deal and it better be.....

I think I have mentioned on here that I loved one of our infant teachers.  I knew she was very green but she worked so hard behind the scenes for Bunny and I could tell that she really wanted to help him.  I have not felt that way about the other 2 and one is the owner of the company that Early Start has Bunny's contract with. 

The owner told me once that "These guys tend to be lazy".  I'm sorry....lazy?  How can an 8 month old with low muscle tone be lazy?  And why are you using stereotypes when you are working with special needs children?  That never sat right with me and I mentioned my concerns to our service coordinator and she agreed we definitely needed to change.

I was talking with our favorite infant teacher (who now comes to hang out with the boys once a week so I can get things done.  LOVE her!) about the changes we were making and she told me something that enraged me.  When she first started with the company (she no longer works for them) she was nervous about working with Bunny because of his low tone.  She didn't want to hurt him and she didn't have any experience with babies with down syndrome (as I suspected) so she asked the owner for more training bfore she was on her own and the owner said "Oh just FAKE IT till you make it"

I don't care if this happens all the time.  It makes me SO angry.  This is MY son!  I don't even want to fully flesh out all my feelings about that statement because I will get ugly and hateful.  I will just leave it at "Good riddance" and "Shame on her".

If you make it your business to get money from the state to help children who truly need help than maybe you should give a damn.


A Mild Case of Down Syndrome

Today someone told me that Bunny's down syndrome must be a mild case because he was so charming and engaging.

Is there such a thing as a mild case of down syndrome?  No.  You either have it or you don't. 

However, just like typical children, each child will have his own strengths and weaknesses.  In therapy world the children might also be referred to as high or low functioning.

I know that a comment like this might be offensive to some.  It is not to me (well that might depend on who was saying it) and it wasn't today because I know that this person probably just doesn't have a lot of experience with down syndrome and was trying to give Bunny a compliment.  I might have said a similar thing before I learned more about down syndrome. 

I always try to remember the old me when people say or do something that seems insensitive to Bunny.  "Most" people are coming from a place of love and curiousness not cruelty.  I just try to educate them the best I can with my own limited knowledge.  Questions are always welcome.  Please never be afraid to ask me about Bunny. 

In other Bunny news:  His thyroid tests all came back perfect.  His first OT evaluation is FINALLY scheduled for the 15th of this month and once again we have a different infant teacher.  I'm working on the last one but won't bore you with the details until things have been changed.

My Life in Pictures

Posting this so I remember how much we love each other when we are not doing homework