My Big Boys

Look at my big boys.  I have been so emotional this week.  My Boogie is turning 7 (WHAT!) and my boys are getting bigger every day.  My last babies.  I will never have new baby smell again.  I'm seriously tearing up right now.  I have never been like this with my kids because I new that there was always the possibility of one or two more.  Now I know these are the last and it makes me sentimental.  Sigh.

Last week Boogie and I were talking about the fact that the boys were almost 1 and she said "Wait.  Bunny is almost 1?  He is going to be 1 and still look like a baby?"  It made me laugh.  It's true.  He is still tiny.  I swear when I wear him in the Snugglie in the store people think I have a tiny baby.  Nope.  Just my almost 10 month old.  Buddy is small too but he already thinks he is a toddler so it's less shocking.

(You can see what their shirts say in this one.  Thanks Grandma!)
 This was a big week for Bunny.  I have noticed when I am feeding him his food that he is making chewing motions.  In the past, he was slurping his food down almost like he was breastfeeding so I was nervous to feed him chunkier food.  I slowly introduced chunkier food and he has done great.  This week I gave him a puffy.  Lo and behold....he chewed it and then yelled for more!  I was so proud of him!  I put them on his tray and he grabs them but he doesn't bring them to his mouth.  I have been bringing his hand to his mouth for him so I'm hoping he will get it.  He needs to be able to grab his birthday cake!

Both boys got to try Daddy's spaghetti and meatballs the other night and it was so funny!  They were both yelling when I wasn't feeding them so I was trying to stuff food in my mouth and each of theirs as fast as I could!  Daddy was so proud that they loved his dinner.

My boys are growing up too fast! 

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  1. these little guys are so sweet, I can hardly stand it! they just get cuter and cuter!
    Aunt Ruth


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