Day 3013

.....of no computer.  I finally gave in and uploaded a few pictures to the dreaded Paint.

This was three weeks or so ago.  I also have pictures from Boogie's birthday on there.

Here is a little known fact about these sweet boys.  They do not nap.  They have in the past but we have gotten off schedule with being sick and holidays and now I get no naps from them on any kind of schedule.  Our drop off and pick up schedule is partly to blame.  We drop off  Boogie at 8:15.  Baby at 11:45.  Pick up Baby at 2:45 and Boogie at 3:00.  Add in 15 minutes each way for driving.  It is almost impossible for me to get feedings and appointments in much less naps.

On the upside they both go down usually around 6:30-7 and Bunny sleeps until 6:30-7am and Buddy has to be woken up before we leave to drop Boogie off.  They only very occasionally wake during the night. For the most part it works.  Occasionally, they will fall asleep in the car on the way home from dropping off Baby and I will leave them in the garage (Obviously not in extreme weather) and run around the house like a madwoman trying to get something...anything done.

A preschool mom asked me about their naps this afternoon (which prompted this post) and when I said they don't nap she looked at me in shock and horror and said "You must be exhausted!" 

Today yes.  I have yawned about 10 times since I sat down at my computer.  But for the most part it is what I am used to and I make it work.  I enjoy the extra savoring of my babes.  When both girls are at school I often lay on the floor and let them crawl all over me.  We have a great time.  This afternoon we were all three giggling and it made my day.

I am hoping that next year when both girls are in school full day that we can have a nice nap time!  I miss my old friend "The delicious afternoon nap"  but until then I will continue to hang out with my new friend "The delicious afternoon cup of coffee".


For the Record

A couple of people have asked me if the recent illness in our family has made me reconsider the flu shot. 

Nope.  The flu shot does not protect against the stomach flu (incorrectly called flu.  It has nothing to do with influenza).  The one year about 5 years ago we got the flu shot we also got a horrible stomach bug.  I remain true to my decision of no flu shot for this family.

The Babesters

Daddy is home today because of the rain so I have had more time than usual to get lost in thought.  (more meaning any time at all)  I decided that in the next few days I am going to try to write the boy's birth story.  I think I can finally do it without reliving so much pain and I know many people never heard the whole story.  It will be good for me.  I need to let some things go so I can continue to grow.

In the meantime, I wanted to re-tell the story of how the boys got their nickname...the Babesters.  I'm pretty sure I have called them that once or twice here on the blog and not everyone was there for the story.

The day that I found out I was having twins I was so excited to tell the girls.  Daddy and I decided that we would tell them together after dinner.  They didn't even know I was pregnant.  I had the big blown up ultrasound picture all ready and in a frame for each of them.

After dinner we sat down and I pulled out the frames and said "You guys are going to have 2 new brothers or sisters!"  Boogie's face lit up like it was Christmas and she said something like "One for each of us!"  She was SO excited.

Baby, on the other hand got really mad and said "I don't want the Babesters!"  Thank goodness she came around! 

Well That was Fun!

You know what I don't have?  My computer.  It's very sad because I have so many videos and pictures to share.  I'm hoping this week.  My boss is fixing it out of the kindness of his heart so I am truly very grateful and appreciative but I NEED my computer!

You know what I do have?  My sense of humor. So in the meantime I will try to entertain you with my charming wit instead of pictures of my crazy adorable children.

The stomach flu took us DOWN.  Right after my last post in fact.  Daddy and I do not get the stomach flu.  I can count on one hand the amount of times I have thrown up in my life.  It got me.  I have done more laundry and disinfecting in the last 2 weeks than I normally do in a month!  It was truly terrible. 

The girls finally went back to school Wednesday but the boys were still off.  Buddy couldn't keep down anything but breast milk,  applesauce and rice cereal.  Bunny surprisingly fared better than all of us.  He was definitely not feeling great but he only threw up 2 random times instead of the standard 10 million.  Of course both of those times were right on me.

On Thursday I was hopeful.  The girls looked good.  They were back to their spunky selves with just a lingering cough.  Buddy seemed fine so I gave him his normal breakfast of applesauce and quinoia cereal.  He looked a little green around the gills after but then he played and seemed okay so I took the boys up for their nap.  I laid the boys down and then picked Buddy back up because he was crying and seemed in pain.

He started to make the sounds so I held him over his trash can.  A few seconds and nothing happened so trying to be as efficient as possible I decided I should carry him to my bathroom so if he did throw up I could hold him over the toilet.  I started a quick walk and suddenly all hell broke loose.

While I was holding him, Buddy started throwing up.  I squawked and tried to move faster to get him in the bathroom.  I did not account for the fact that he was throwing up in front of us and started slipping and sliding through the barf.  The door jam was right in front of us and I was so scared I was going to hit Buddy's head or drop him!  But no...thankfully I just fell smack dab into the barf.  I sat there for a minute wondering what the heck just happened and then started laughing......who does that happen to????  By the time I called Daddy to tell him I was laughing so hard I could barely get out my story.  I have never been more thankful for my very strong stomach.  I think if that had happened to Daddy he would have lost it.

Friday Baby barfed because she coughed so hard (a fluke but still....) Saturday Bunny barfed and I think it was just because he drank too much milk when he first woke up.  He used to do this about every other week until I figured out I had to pace him.  I was so exhausted from the weeks events I just wasn't paying attention.  Just to be safe we stayed home.

I am happy to announce that today was our first barf free day in over one week.  I seriously feel like a new woman.  Not only have I not had to clean up bodily fluids but I was able to get to chores!!  All the heaps of clutter that have been piling up are GONE!  The laundry room is not taunting me with it's mountains of clothes.  The pile of Christmas tree needles that I never got to sweep up completely is a distant memory.  All of Boogie's make up homework is completed (thanks to Grandma!) and even the fridge is spic and span. 

My family rarely gets sick so I often take our health for granted.  Not any more!  I am going to be thankful for every healthy day from now on and hope that it will be another 5 years (if ever) before something like that hits us again! 



...I don't have a lot of it.  I want things when I want them.

Like my computer.  I still don't have it.  Hence the lack of posts.  I have 10 month pictures on my camera.  They aren't great but they are there.  However, I refuse to edit them in Paint.  It is just too frustrating.  So I have to be patient.

Like my family's good health.  We have the stomach bug from hell over here.  Boogie got it on Tuesday night then last night the other three kids each threw up within a two hour window.  Bunny fared the best.  He only threw up once.  The other two threw up all night.  How Daddy and I don't have this nasty thing is beyond me.  Neither of us feel 100% but we aren't nearly as bad as those poor kiddos.  It was heartbreaking.

I have to give me and Daddy a pat on the back here because we handled it like pros.  He took charge of Baby and I took Buddy and we manned our posts.  We both have wrinkled dry hands from all the hand washing!

Like for Bunny's OT to start.  I feel like my little bunny is so far behind and I try to help him as much as I can but it has really been depressing me lately.  I wish I had more time and I wish I knew exactly what to do to help him.  I know he will do things on his own time but it's hard to know if I am doing my best for him.

I compose blog posts in my head all day and I have been trying to take pictures multiple times a day so once I get my computer back I promise we will be back in action.



My Life in Pictures

Baby introducing Buddy to her Zhu Zhu Pets

My Big Boys

Look at my big boys.  I have been so emotional this week.  My Boogie is turning 7 (WHAT!) and my boys are getting bigger every day.  My last babies.  I will never have new baby smell again.  I'm seriously tearing up right now.  I have never been like this with my kids because I new that there was always the possibility of one or two more.  Now I know these are the last and it makes me sentimental.  Sigh.

Last week Boogie and I were talking about the fact that the boys were almost 1 and she said "Wait.  Bunny is almost 1?  He is going to be 1 and still look like a baby?"  It made me laugh.  It's true.  He is still tiny.  I swear when I wear him in the Snugglie in the store people think I have a tiny baby.  Nope.  Just my almost 10 month old.  Buddy is small too but he already thinks he is a toddler so it's less shocking.

(You can see what their shirts say in this one.  Thanks Grandma!)
 This was a big week for Bunny.  I have noticed when I am feeding him his food that he is making chewing motions.  In the past, he was slurping his food down almost like he was breastfeeding so I was nervous to feed him chunkier food.  I slowly introduced chunkier food and he has done great.  This week I gave him a puffy.  Lo and behold....he chewed it and then yelled for more!  I was so proud of him!  I put them on his tray and he grabs them but he doesn't bring them to his mouth.  I have been bringing his hand to his mouth for him so I'm hoping he will get it.  He needs to be able to grab his birthday cake!

Both boys got to try Daddy's spaghetti and meatballs the other night and it was so funny!  They were both yelling when I wasn't feeding them so I was trying to stuff food in my mouth and each of theirs as fast as I could!  Daddy was so proud that they loved his dinner.

My boys are growing up too fast!