Time is Flying

People keep reminding me that it has been a long time since I posted.  I know and I do have things to say I just don't have enough time to write them down coherently.  We had a schedule shift.

Part of the fun of having twins is the need to be flexible and change up schedules when something isn't working anymore.  I felt like all I was doing for a few months was feeding the boys (solids and breastfeeding) every five minutes.  Actually, I'm pretty sure I wasn't just feeling that way I actually was!  So, in the last few weeks I have been feeding them breakfast at 10 and then skipping their solids lunch and feeding them at 4:30 BEFORE I make dinner.  I was tired of being so stressed while I was making dinner because babies were yelling at me.  I give them larger portions and they seem to be just fine with this arrangement. 

It also means they go to bed earlier.  This is also nice but it means I save ALL my chores until children are asleep.  Which means I have less time at night for blogging and such.  By the time my chores are done (which includes my invoicing work) I am pooped and just want to watch tv and drool.

So the blog may be a little touch and go here for awhile.  My days are much happier on our new schedule so if I only post here and there until it shifts again then I'll just have to deal with it.

Some random facts to catch you up:

1.  Our Christmas cards were in my hot little hands by Dec 1st and yet they are sitting next to me still wrapped.  Best intentions people...

2.  In order to save money I am making lots of Christmas gifts this year.  We now have a nice large exacto knife slice in our kitchen table.  Oops!

3.  My mom has a way better phone than I do.  Hair too for that matter.  I need a haircut!!

4.  I'm obsessed with the fact that we need a water filtration system for the house.  Daddy basically told me when pigs fly.

5.  I hate being cold.  The 30's is like the Artic to me.

6.  My Christmas shopping is done.  Big fat pat on the back for that one!!

7.  I'm turning into my mother.  I now print coupons.  I actually saved her lots of money at Target yesterday! 

8.  Baby is obsessed with toe jam.  She checks the babies toes for toe jam 5 times a day. 

And on that note.....

I have a Bunny update that I will hopefully get to tonight.  I have to journey out in the frigid air to return something because I bought it online and then the next day I bought it in the store.  How is that for mom brain??


  1. Yay for blog updates!!

  2. You are too funny! Don't stress about Blogging - as much as we love it, I'm sure we'd all rather you not be too tired or stressed! Hugs, AJ


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