On Hold

Sadly our 9 month pictures and updates are on hold while we try to get healthy.  A nasty something or other has been beating us down this week! 

Boogie had a cough last week but she never got a fever.  I finally kept her home on Friday because she had been up all night coughing but she seemed okay otherwise.  Then Baby started in.  First a cough then a fever and runny nose.  Baby tends to have everything go straight to her lungs so I have been whipping up home remedies right and left hoping to avoid bronchitis.  I think we licked it.  She seems almost herself today.  Very slight fever and barely a cough.  She sounds like she has a cold and I think it's adorable.

Buddy also caught it and the poor guy has been miserable. (sorry for the crappy camera phone shot)  Fever, slight coughing and major runny nose.  And he is teething...finally.  It has been a hard week for him.  My independent boy has been quite clingy.  He even skipped breakfast yesterday and we know that is not normal behavior for Mr Piggy.

Bunny has avoided it so far but he is making me nervous today.  He has been happy and charming all week being a very good sport and playing by himself while I try to play nurse to everyone.  Today he doesn't havee a fever but he is grumpier than normal and he sounds congested.  I'm praying he can get rid of it quickly because I don't want it to get out of hand and us to end up in the hospital. 

I have been able to stay somewhat healthy all week.  I have been drinking a concoction of Green Tea, Bragg's apple cider vinegar, raw honey and cayenne pepper and every time I start to feel congestion it wards it off.  I feel pretty bad today but I think it's because I did not get a good nights sleep.  I was jumping out of bed every time Buddy made a noise and finally ended up letting him sleep with us.  I seriously cannot afford to be sick.  Being healthy is important with 4 kids and ultra important when they are sick!

Hopefully, we can all get it out of our system before Christmas!

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