Maybe Next Year

So.....despite my best intentions...Bunny got sick too.  He got croup.  Thankfully, he was tough and is back to his sweet little self.  Daddy and I never fully caught anything so I am very thankful for that!

Once everyone was healthy...about 3 days before Christmas.... I was staying up late making gifts and wrapping presents.  Then my computer got sick!  I still don't have it back.  All of my editing software is on the other computer, hence the lack of posts.  Not that I took any pictures.  What is my problem?  Baby's first Christmas and I got nothing.  Seriously, not one picture.  I am a terrible mom.  I think Auntie took some when she was here so hopefully she shares.

I suspect the exhaustion from the sickness kind of killed Christmas for me this year.  I am bummed.  Fortunately we have made up for it this week.  Daddy's home for the week and we have spent lots of family time together.  Today was the big spaghetti and meatballs night.  Daddy, Boogie and Baby spent the day in the kitchen making our feast.  They did a great job and the dishes!  What a treat for me!

It's going to be very hard for me to get back into the swing of things next week.  The boys are on a fabulous sleep in and take a long afternoon nap schedule (doesn't mesh with pickup and drop off. boo!) and I have had a partner to help me feed a baby this week.  Next week it is back to super mom again.

Bunny and I did manage to finally get his blood taken this week for his thyroid test so I now I am just waiting for the results.  I am so squeemish when it comes to blood.  I was scared out of my mind.  I pulled out of the driveway and immediately began shaking.  I did not stop until we were done.  He did great though.  I was afraid his veins would be too small and it would be traumatic but they found a good vein in his arm and it was a breeze!  He barely cried and I shielded my eyes and never saw blood.  Phew!

I promise to post more and get more stories up soon.  We never did get around to taking 9 month pictures.  Fail again! Now it seems silly to do it because they are practically 10 months.  I think I got a few pictures of them this month so I will just have to choose one as an official 9 month picture.

Until next year...

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