Bunny Update

I don't want to say too much about Bunny because his 9 month update is coming up but he did have his 6 month Early Start evaluation last week and I wanted to update his fans.

I am happy to say that he will start occupational therapy as soon as we get a referral from his new doctor.  I was hoping for more therapies so this makes me happy.  I do as much as I can with him but I feel like I need more direction.
I have heard that evaluations are hard but for this one was not too bad for me.  He is a few months behind in gross and fine motor but I am well aware of that.  I think having twins I have a unique perspective because every minute of every day I am faced with the reality that he is behind a typical almost 9 month old.  I am never caught of guard with this information.  It's just the way it is. 

I was so pleased that he scored higher than his age in the cognitive area.  If that is going to be his strength I am A-ok with that.  He will be able to figure out solutions to his gross and fine motor struggles.

I really wanted help with feeding.  He eats mostly the same thing as Buddy but I am more careful of chunky textures with him because he is not practicing chewing like Buddy does.  I just want direction because it is important to me (obviously) that he learns to be a good eater and I want to make sure I do everything I can now to help him.  Feeding issues aren't covered by Early Start but it can fall under occupational therapy along with gross and fine motor so it seems like a good fit.
We recently switched insurance so we now get a few sessions covered by insurance which is nice but we have to get a referral first.  I recently switched the kid's doctor because I wasn't comfortable with the way our old doctor was handling Bunny's needs so the poor new doctor is going to get barraged with questions and referral requests at the boy's 9 month appointment.  I might as well come in with guns blazing and get a reputation for myself right?

Personally, I think what he needs is a little more love.  You can tell he gets none of that around here.

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