The AG

We have a theory in my family on my dad's side that we all possess the "annoying gene".  I believe my Aunt R is the one that discovered/named it but we all agree that we seem to possess an innate need to annoy/pick at people.  In a playful way of course.  In fact, my dad prefers to call it the "playful gene". 

The gene makes us want to come up behind someone and tap behind their knees so their legs turn to jello or tickle them when they least suspect it.  We just can't help ourselves and I'm afraid I got a double dose.

Boogie has become quite aware and self conscious this year at school.  She has told me that she will no longer wear her hot pink coat I bought her last year because it makes her stick out (They wear uniforms).  She wants me to get her a new plain jacket.  (This actually breaks my heart because she looks like a big adorable valentine in her pink jacket.)

Everyday at drop off, the minute we enter the parking lot she tells me to turn off the music.  If Baby and I are arguing she tells us to be quiet.  She does not want any embarrassment when they open the door for her.  Well, I just can't help myself and I have started to tease her when we get in the parking lot.  I say "Baby!  Let's warm up our voices.  Me me me me me me me me meeeeeeeeeeeeeee"  Baby has quickly caught on and joins right in.  Boogie immediately freaks and screeches for us to be quiet.

I know it's the good ol A.G and I just can't fight it.  My child self would be so disappointed in me.  That would have horrified me as a child as well. 

I'm sure in 20 years or so Boogie will be doing it to her kids at their drop off.  She has a big dose of AG in her DNA.  I'm sure my own mom will get quite a kick out of this.  The story will sound all to familiar.

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