9 Month Appointment

Today was our first appointment with our new doctor.  I was up late last night stressing and writing my lists of questions and googling to make sure I had all the right questions.

This morning was a whirlwind.  I knew I had scheduled our appointment optimistically early for our 40 minute drive but  I didn't think it would be a big deal.  And it probably wouldn't have been too bad except that I remembered in my 30 minute window between dropping off Boogie at school and leaving for the appointment that Daddy had mentioned yesterday that we were out of espresso.  Didn't this just happen to me a few months ago and I swore it would never happen again?

I tried to leave early and hit a Starbucks drive through but the 2 on the way were too busy for my tight schedule.  So I went in uncaffeinated and haggard.

BUT I LOVE our new doctor so far.  He is organized and competent and he listens and he doesn't try to tell me what to do.  I told him my children don't get the flu shot and he said "okay" and not "you are going to bad parent hell!"(my old Dr didn't actually say that but I'm pretty sure she thought it).  The issues he didn't know about he said he would look into.  I believe him too.

Buddy is doing great.  The best news of the day was when the Dr said he sees NO HYPERTONIA.  You can't even imagine how happy that made me.  I'm actually tearing up as I type this because I have worried about him for so long.  I know that he used to be stiff so I don't know if it was the baby yoga or he just grew out of it (yoga is my guess) but I am so relieved.

When Bunny had his evaluation, his social worker commented that Buddy still holds his hands in a fist at times and he STILL isn't crawling with his belly off the floor but the Dr says he is perfectly fine and that he is just excitable and is probably faster on his tummy. (and more comfortable because we have hard floors).  He is not worried at all.

And just because we were talking about it Buddy crawled to me with his belly off the floor tonight.  He has been pushing things around while on his knees the last few days so maybe something clicked.  Oh yay...now he will be even faster.

My main issue for Bunny was to get his thyroid test.  Babies with down syndrome are supposed to get a thyroid check at birth, 6 months and a year and then every year after that.  I read that before his 6 month appointment and then the dr argued with me that he didn't need it and said she would look into it.  Obviously she never did because I never got a call and it is standard protocol.  You can see why I changed doctors.

We are going for the blood work on Wednesday.  I am not excited.  I am a baby when it comes to blood and add to that my tendency to cry when my babies get shots and I know it is going to be an ordeal.  But we need to get it done.

Bunny has had that annoying rash on his face for weeks and I have driven myself crazy trying to find the reason.  He says it is just a "down syndrome rash".  He says it does not look like an allergy to him and to not worry about cutting more things out.  He also told me a few more things to try.  Hopefully we can get him cleared up!

We also got our OT referral and will be getting an audiology referral.  Bunny passed his hearing test in the hospital but they like to stay on top of it because a decline in hearing could mean fluid is trapped in his ears which is a very common thing because  babies with down syndrome typically have teeny tiny ear canals.  If he can't hear he can have a speech delay so we need to be vigilant.

Overall he said he looks great and is in perfect health.

Both boys had a nice big weight gain.  Buddy is in the 50% for height and 30% for weight (up from 10-25).  His head circ is 60%.  I told the dr that he is growing into his Swedish head nicely and he should be at 90% at the next visit like his sisters.

Even little Bunny who is below 1% for height and weight (but still hanging onto the typical chart for dear life) has a head circ of 15%.  You just can't keep a Swedish head down.

I have to say, the older the boys get the trickier these well baby visits get.  By the time the Dr came in the room Buddy had the paper on the bench torn to shreds.  I held him and sat on the bench while I talked to the Dr and Bunny was on his back next to me.  5 minutes in he decided to flip over and nearly gave the Dr a heart attack.  I know he is not going to flip off the bench but he sure didn't!  Once he was on his belly he kept trying to eat the shreds Buddy had created for him.  Then while the Dr was examining Bunny, Buddy was screeching at him trying to get his attention because he was so jealous.  Oh and Baby was there too.  Quite a zoo.  I'm glad we only have to do this every few months.

Pictures and updates later this week!

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