Unusual Uses

Bunny's teacher and I have been searching for something to use under his tummy in order to encourage him to bear weight on his arms and get his buns off the floor.

Is this what you want me to do mom?
Yesterday she came over all excited because she had thought of using a yoga mat.  The roll is fairly soft and the texture of the mat is grippy for his toes.  Fortunately, being the home workout freak that I sometimes tend to be, I had one in a closet somewhere. 

I like to sit behind him and put some toys and the mirror in front of him and then get his weight on his knees.  After I do it a few times he does it himself.  His butt is in the air up above.

Of course he has to do superman on his new toy too.  I just let him do it a few times then put his hands back on the ground and encourage him to bear weight on his arms again.

"I don't need the roll to help me mom!  I got this!"


  1. He is to cute for his own good!! I wanna just get on a plane and come kiss those cheeks!! What a little heartbreaker he's gonna be!


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