Sneaky Sneakers

It seems that every time we have a busy weekend we pay for it for days.  I am still catching up from this weekend.  We had 3 parties and 2 Halloween events and I'm exhausted!  The boys are completely off schedule too which makes for very long days.

I took a bunch of pictures of the girls this weekend and while I won't post them all I do want to share a few.  The one of Baby goes perfectly with the story I am going to tell you.  But before we get to that I need to post a picture of Boogie.

She was a Southern Belle (because it was the fanciest costume no doubt) and as soon as I brought out the camera she brought out her poses.  I have no idea how this girl and I share DNA.  I am NOT like that at all!  I have about 10 more poses of her.  This girl definitely has a future in the entertainment industry.

Now the story:

One of our events was a Fall festival.  It was at a nearby church and seemed easier and less scary for the girls.  They had games set up and a cake walk.  The girls have never done a cake walk and spent a good time trying to win cakes.  Boogie won none (she has mommy's luck) and Baby won 2 (Uncle's luck). 

The cakes were sitting on our counter and I noticed mid afternoon that they were both open and there was quite a bit of frosting missing.  I caught Baby in the act earlier in the day but it seemed like a lot more was missing.

I was mentioning this to daddy at the dinner table and the truth came out:

Boogie:  Okay.  I'll just tell you the truth.  When Baby and I were playing in the playroom one of us would come ask you a question and the other one would swipe frosting. 

(WHAT!!  I couldn't stop laughing)

Daddy:  Ya mommy is pretty easy to trick.

Me:  I have 2 babies to distract me!  And don't worry.  Mommy will get the last laugh when I throw away your cakes tonight!  hmmpphh

And that is just what mommy did.  Little stinkers!!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, they certainly have your number don't they? Give the girls credit for creativity!


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