My Turkeys

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I wanted to post why I am thankful for each of my children.  I spend lots of my day being frustrated or overwhelmed by them and I think it that it is good to stop and remember why they are so special to me.

My firstborn.  She made me a mom.  I am so thankful for her quick wit and wise insight.  Friends used to tease us that we read her a dictionary at bedtime because of her word choices.  She uses words in context that most 1st graders do not dream of using.  I am thankful for her tender heart and compassion.  I am thankful for her studious side and her drive to do the right thing.  She is at the age where it is fun to go out "just us" and we have a great time together. 

I am thankful that someone in the house gets that scaring people is THE FUNNIEST THING EVER

Baby girl.  She made me a "real mom" (as in you aren't a real mom until you have 2 kids).  I am thankful for her enthusiasm.  She has lots of energy and always gives it 100%.  I am thankful for her independence.  She is happy to try new things and has no problem leaving mom to be with friends.  I am thankful for her willingness to lend a hand.  99% of the time when I ask for her help she gladly gives it.  She is the perfect partner for our mornings at home. 

I am thankful that someone around here also understands that bad smells must be identified and taken care of immediately!

The first boy to make me a mother of boys.  I am thankful for his independence.  He is easily entertained as long as he has room to crawl and things to discover.  I am thankful for his good naturedness.  I never thought I would be posting that!  He has turned from an angry little infant to a happy/smiling/giggling boy.  I am also thankful for his love of sleep. 

The first to make me a mother of a child with 47 chromosomes.  I am thankful for his joy and enthusiasm.  This boy RADIATES joy.  Of course he has his sad angry moments too but most of the time he is a ray of sunshine.  I am thankful for his cuddliness.  Boogie was a cuddler and Baby and Buddy are NOT.  There is nothing quite like baby cuddles to make you feel better. 

I am thankful for all of my kids and how being their mother has made me into a better version of myself.  I know I still have plenty of room to grow and I am sure I will get lots of practice. 

And in the spirit of thankfulness, go read this beautiful post made up of pictures of children with down syndrome and why their families are thankful for them.  You may recognize a certain boy.

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