Evaluation Day

Today Bunny had his 8 month evaluation. We don't get the "scores" back for a few weeks but I know he needs the most help in gross motor.  One of the up sides to Bunny having a twin brother is that I have a better idea of how far he is behind his "typical" peers.  Seeing them together doesn't leave much room for me to be in denial.  I'm not going to get the test back and freak out.

His evaluator and I talked about getting Physical and Occupational therapy for him which makes me happy but we won't even get that ball rolling until we have the meeting with his social worker which is next month.  And then who knows how long it will take beyond that.  Frustrating. 

I will say that I am LOVING his new teacher.  I'm pretty sure she is green but she is so loving and she is determined to help him.  She has actually been reading Gross Motor Skills in Children with Down Syndrome.  Imagine that. (I doubt his last teacher had heard of it)  She has also been searching you tube for videos to help him.  I love her enthusiasm.  Bunny loves her too.

**Side note: When I searched Amazon for that just now I found this.  I've never seen it before and it is going on my Christmas wish list!**


  1. He is so lucky to have a twin help and teach him along the way..his 24/7 therapy partner :)

  2. Were you able to find any useful youtube videos? I've looked and found a couple, but I fail at looking for that kind of thing:( Gross motor is our hardest and most delayed.


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