Efficiency is Overrated

So imagine my horror when I pulled into the Target parking lot yesterday and saw an employee dragging a huge line of carts with him into the store.

Why is this horrific you ask?  I know...it sounds efficient.  But here's the thing, I have 2 baby car seats to get inside the store.  I can no longer carry these 2 car seats at one time because the boys are so big!  I think together with the car seats it's about 50 lbs.  50 lbs that is moving and kicking. 

There is also a curious and enthusiastic 4 year old thrown into the mix who needs a hand to hold to safely make it through a parking lot where big suv's are looking for a spot.

My usual plan of action is to find a spot near the cart holders and grab a cart and load up the boys and walk in, pushing the cart with one hand while grasping the hand of said 4 year old.  However, thanks to the above mentioned employee all the cart racks were empty yesterday.  I stood outside of my van helplessly racking my brain for an idea.  I could put the boys in their stroller but then I would be pushing a stroller and dragging a cart.  No good.

Then I saw my plan.  An older lady was walking out with her cart and her car was fairly close to mine.  I decided I would ask her for her cart.  I was nervous though because I didn't want to just run up to her and freak her out.  She was concentrating pretty fiercely on getting her bags in her trunk.  So as nonthreatening as I could I made my way to her and asked if I could take her cart.

I think she thought I was trying to earn a girl scout badge or something because she said "Oh I was just going to walk it back inside because I need to use the restroom"  I again explained that I had twins in the car and needed it and she agreed to let me have it.  I'm not sure if she ever understood what I meant and I was secretly hoping she would see me in Target and it would click.

It's pretty funny the systems that I depend on to be in place just so I can have a successful shopping trip!

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  1. LOL Since I have a 7 month old and a 24 month old I totally get this! I often ask my mother-in-law who is my neighbor to go everywhere with me so I have an extra set of hands!


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