You'll notice my last post was last Friday night.  What happened on friday night that has kept me from posting all week?  I received my Pinterest invitation.

My sister has been talking about Pinterest for months and I have been trying to avoid it.  I know myself and knew that I did not need another distraction in my life.  BUT I was reading through one of my forums the other day and some of the moms were sharing their Pinterest Christmas wish lists for their kids.  I have used other apps for that in the past but it seemed really easy to use and so I took the plunge.

And then I was glued to the computer all weekend.  My mom had my girls this weekend so I had lots of extra time on my hands.  I know that sounds crazy because I have twin babies but besides the feedings they are pretty easy.  Buddy is active and into everything but Daddy was home to help me keep him out of trouble.

I made a bunch of green, non toxic cleaners for the house.  I have been wanting to do this for awhile so  was happy to find so many things in one place with lots of pictures!  (I am a visual girl)  I was especially excited about the non toxic laminate cleaner.  I had been avoiding cleaning the family room laminate because Buddy is all over that floor and I knew that the Swiffer cleaner I have is full of chemicals.  I am a happy girl.  The floors look great too!  Tonight I used my homeade dishwasher soap for the first time.  We'll see if it works!

My other obsession is ideas for the house.  There are so many creative DIY ideas on there!  I already found a project for the huge wall in my family room.  I just never found the perfect piece to put there and now I know exactly what I want to make.  I seriously have found something for every room in the house.  When we moved in I was in my first trimester with the boys.  We did the major changes but I just never had the time/energy/inspiration/ideas to put the finishing touches on our house.  Now my mind is swirling with ideas. 

Most of the things I want to do are projects (like repainting the cabinets in my laundry room) which means I need Daddy's help.  SO today I decided we need to start with the garage.  If I butter him up by helping him organize the garage and making a nice man cave for him out there then he will hopefully be more willing to help me.  Oh and I will have a nice neat and tidier garage.  Win win.

There is seriously something for everyone on there.  If you haven't taken the plunge you really should.  It makes searching for things really easy.  It's like google with no ads or scams and lots of pictures. 

Tomorrow I will post a video of Buddy doing "So Big!"  It's his new trick. 


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