Bunny at 8 Months

It's hard to believe my boys are 8 months!  I feel like I just wrote their 7 month post!

Bunny of course continues to be a delight.  This boy just radiates joy.  I love that when he sees me his face completely lights up and he does a happy yelp.  It makes dragging myself to his bed at the crack of dawn (6:30am on the dot) totally worth it.

He doesn't have many new tricks this month but one new thing he does is that when I lean my face towards his he reaches his chubby little paws towards my face and pats my face.  I love this!  He also LOVES hands and always wants to grab people's hands.

Both of my boys have been eating solids for a few months but I am definitely more cautious with Bunny.  Because he is not sitting on his own I don't put him in a high chair yet.  I think we are almost there though.  He is doing much better at sitting in a supported position.  In fact, we have started putting the Bumbo in the middle of the table with him in it at dinner time so he can be part of dinner (Don't worry he is not left unattended! ha )

He definitely has food preferences.  He has decided he no longer likes squash and when I try to feed it to him he turns his head into his seat so I can't give it to him.  I have to mix it with fruit.  I think it's because it is so bland.  He likes lots of flavor.  I'm hoping that we can get some help with his eating.  He still slurps his food off of his spoon so I am nowhere near comfortable trying anything but purees at this point.

I finally managed to weigh the boys the other day and Bunny weighs 15 lbs.  The 3 lb difference is sticking.  It crackes me up.  They were EXACTLY three pounds apart when i weighed them.

Most of Bunny's days are spent on his belly babbling about this and that.  He loves to yell.  If I get down at his level and yell back he gets so happy.  He gets peek a boo now and loves to play peek a boo.  He will sometimes hide his eyes and I haven't been able to figure out if he is doing it intentionally or not yet.

He's still working on scooting but he does roll around.  He loves toys with lights and bright colors.  Buddy tries to steal whatever toy Bunny has.  Thankfully, we have been working for months on Bunny's grasping and he can hold his own.

We all just love this boy to death. (Well except maybe for Buddy who is jealous of any ounce of attention that his brother gets.  He better get over that fast!)

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