Buddy's New Tricks

Buddy seems to learn tricks in threes.  The video is 2 tricks rolled into one.  "So Big" and Peek a Boo.  His third trick is that today he pulled to a stand.

I was crouched on the floor talking to Bunny and he crawled up to me and got to his knees and then on his feet by holding on to my back.  I am not ready for this development.  He is a little crazy daredevil and not cautious.  He just gets excited and does things and then gets hurt.  The one thing I have on my side is that he is so tiny I doubt he can reach the couch to pull up.  We moved the coffee table out of the family room months ago in anticipation of this day.  Phew!

Oh and I'm lying because he also waved good bye to Bunny's teacher yesterday.  He has never waved to me little flirt!!

Also, he can sit quite well now when he is in the mood.

Please notice his big Bugs Bunny feet.  I know it i partly the angle but he does have big feet.  (I still keep a puffy blanket behind him just in case)

Boooring!  On to walking!
Tomorrow is the boy's 8 month birthday!

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  1. He is so handsome!! AND getting so big...WOW!! Amazing!


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