Buddy at 8 Months

Buddy rarely smiles for the camera.  He is always looking for mommy's face behind it.  He was in rare form yesterday!

Where to start?  This is my active little guy.  He wants to be on the move!  He has no time for hugs, kisses, tricks.  He just wants to crawl around and get into things.  He is still not crawling with his belly off of the floor.  I am going to have him practice on some stairs to get his cross patterning down when we are at my parents on Thanksgiving (they have carpeted stairs).  My reason for this is that he has started pulling to stand lately and I do not want him skipping his developmental steps.  Crawling should come before walking.

He continues to charm the masses.  He is a total flirt and is constantly trying to divert attention from Bunny back onto himself.  I actually believe this will be a good trait for him to have.  I don't want my precious boy to get lost in the shuffle.

Still no teeth but I can see them all right there.  His gums are no longer smooth but nice and bumpy.  I can also see an eye tooth coming in.  It looks like we may have marathon teething.

His favorite word is mama.  Melts my heart.

He is very curious and has a talent for hunting out the things I don't want him to get into.

He is such a peanut.  He weighs 18 lbs now.  The jeans in the picture above are 6 months.  The waist is HUGE on him but the length is almost short.  I don't think he will ever be chubby because he is already so active.  I was trying to get a picture of his plank.  He often goes into a plank from this position.  The boys wants to run I swear!

I wanted to show you his very long guitar ready fingers.  This thrills daddy to no end.  He has great guitar playing plans for this boy and since Buddy already seems to love the guitar it should be a natural fit.  He loves to make any kind of noise with his fingers.  There is a cardboard box in the boys room and he loves to sit and drag his fingers across the box to make noise.

And I have to be on constant watch for this.  He wants to eat everything!  Do you know how hard it is to keep the floor clean when you have 4 kids?  He is quite a piggy. 

He looks balder this month but he actually has lots of fuzzy hair it is just super light in the sun.  Like Bunny, we all love this boy to death.  The girls love that he can sit with them now.  They volunteer to be the one to sit behind him to make sure he doesn't fall.  He doesn't really need that anymore but I love that they want to help.

Both boys are the perfect addition to our family.  We are so lucky to have them!

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