The Patch

I was hoping that because we were going early the sun would not foil my photo ops.  Curse you California sun!!!  I did my best although I forgot our bigger sun shade for the camera and half the pictures were not usuable.  GRRRRR.  I'm sure if I was a better photographer I could work around it. 

I will probably just fake some in our front yard later today.  When you have a family of six you practically have a pumpkin patch anyway.

She looks royal doesn't she?
Her royal mischief
The pumpkin kings

I had to post all of these so you can see how hard I tried to get a good one.  These are the ones that weren't 100% horrible

I have NO idea what was going on here

You can see which 2 love the camera

The classic "Head in the Holes"
The girls got to pick one ride.  They both wanted the pony ride
This looks like a mug shot!

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