One More Thing

Okay that's probably a lie...there will probably be many more things I can say on the subject of down syndrome but as I was going to bed last night I was thinking about my post and I wanted to add something.
Please don't ever be afraid to ask me questions.  It will never offend me.  I know the unknown can often be uncomfortable and I always want people to be comfortable around Bunny so please ask away.  If I know the answer then so will you.
I will let you in on a little secret.  I was TERRIFIED to take this guy home.  I was so afraid of that dreaded unknown.  I was assured he was just like every other baby but I was kind of scared of him.

But let me tell you.  He is WAY less scary than his brother.  This guy is super cuddler.  He is quick to smile and slow to cry.  Unless he is hungry.  Then watch out.
So don't be shy.


  1. That little darling boy. what a sweet smile he has! melt-your-heart kind of smile! Thanks for your posts, too, Shar. I love keeping up with you this way!
    Aunt Ruth


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