Not Forgotten

I realize Boogie does not get a lot of face time on this blog.  It is not because she is not the same witty/hilarious/sweet girl that we all know and love.  Well, except for the addition of a few eye rolls and "whatever's" that being a first grader brings to the table.  For the MOST part she is the same girl that makes me laugh every day with her unique insight into the world.

The problem is that she is only home during the day that is the craziest most exhausting part of the day.  So when she says these funny things I forget them.  And forget trying to take pictures when everyone is melting down.

Yesterday I thought she looked so cute in her "wild west" outfit (spirit week at school) that I wanted to take a few pictures to go along with a story I knew I needed to remember.  For the record, we know that this is really stretching wild west.  This family is zero cowboy so we really had to be creative.

The hat was NOT part of the outfit
The story:  At Boogie's school they do a reward system called Kit Kat bucks.  The bucks are given when teachers notice a child doing good/kind/selfless things.  They are then used to buy things in a store that happens once every few months.

When I saw the announcement that the store would be happening I asked Boogie how many bucks she had.  She very sadly reported that she had none.  I asked her why and she said "I don't know!  I try my hardest to do nice things and nobody notices!"  I said "Aww.  It's too bad Teacher X (a teacher from last year) isn't your teacher this year because she always made sure you had some before store day"

A few days later as Bella jumped in the car at pickup she gleefully announced "i got you all presents at the Kit Kat store!"  I was obviously surprised since she had had none only days before.  I asked her how she got them and she said "Oh I went and found Mrs X and told her in my saddest voice that no one was noticing my good works.  So she snuck me 3 bucks at lunch time" 

At 6 years old my girl knows how to work the system.  My favorite part of the story is that she bought something for mommy, daddy and baby with her bucks and didn't even worry about herself.  That's my girl.

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  1. I so agree with you about how solid the Kit Kat Bucks preparation was last year. We are mourning teacher X in a lot of ways, too. Love the story. She's awesome!--Joy


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