Hail to the Hot Dog

My 10 year old self would be horrified.  I swore off hot dogs as a young girl because someone decided to go and tell me what they were made of.  I loved the taste but could always picture what I was eating.  Fast forward 20 years and I'm pregnant with Baby and craving hot dogs.  Pregnancy does weird things to you.  I made them for dinner one night and I was told that it was the worst meal I ever made by daddy.  He is not a fan.

In the last few years I have noticed that hot dogs now come in healthier varieties so I make them now and then for the girls who LOVE them.  In fact I made them last night because I found these at Trader Joes:

Hot dogs made from grass fed beef with no nasty stuff.  Cha ching.  I told daddy I am making them once a week as he was shooting me dirty looks across the dinner table.  I have found I need to schedule a few super easy meals into the menu for the extra hard days.

Today was an extra hard day but I had already used my easy night.  Buddy was overtired and had to scream while I started my corn chowder and then once I got to a break I quickly filled a mesh feeder for him.  Daddy took over baby watch when he got home and Bunny started crying.  I gave him food for Buddy and brought Bunny to the kitchen to feed him in between stirs and additions.

Finally, after I lost 5 lbs in sweat and a few months off my life from stress dinner was ready.  We sat down while the boys cried and Baby took one bite and said "Ew!  I hate corn!" and left to go play.  Then Boogie noticed the pancetta and said "IS this pig??!!!" and ran off crying (she is her mother's child when it comes to food.  She will not eat pork and asks me every night if it is cow or pig).  I looked at Daddy and said "See why I make hot dogs?"

Oh well.  More for us.

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  1. So, our Daddy hates hot dogs too, but of course I love them. I haven't had the heart to feed the kids them because they're so bad for them. Now I have a great alternative!! Thanks for this post. I'm gonna get some for our Daddy-less nights!


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