The Crawling Track

This is Bunny's crawling track.  I realize you can't see the whole thing but it is 6 feet long and has short sides (to keep him from falling off).  It's super slick so that he gets lots of payoff for his efforts at movement.  It is also angled right now so it sits like a little slide.

It has taken him many tries to get the hang of it.  He tends to lift his legs up in the back and gets frustrated that nothing is happening.  He also tries to roll his way down by turning over.  Momma puts a stop to that right away.

You can see his little leggies lifted here.  He tries so very hard!!

It has really helped him though!  Even though he was not quite getting it at first, I noticed he was making more effort to move when he was on the floor.  He started rolling from side to side way more often and pushing up with his legs and his tiny buns in the air. 

Today Boogie and I were mixing up a pumpkin pie and when we were done noticed he had moved completely around a toy!  I asked Boogie if she moved him because I couldn't believe it!  Usually he is perfectly content to lay on his back and not go anywhere.

Today he made it down the crawling track 2 times!  You are only supposed to do a minute or so at a time so they don't get mad but he was happy and so I let him continue to make his way down.  He was pushing with his legs and pushing his buns in the air.  I was so proud of his progress!  We are supposed to do the track 15 times a day but honestly I just can't fit it in that many times.  I don't want to put him on it right after he eats and it seems that it is always right after he eats!  I'm going to try really hard to get 10x a day in though.  Especially now that I see his progress in such a short time!

Quit moving my toy LADY!!


  1. I love this! You can see how he's concentrating and working hard at it!
    Aunt Ruth

  2. He is one determined little boy! Thats a wonderful sign!


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