Bunny Time

The babes have started doing a new thing where one takes a long morning nap (Buddy) and the other takes a long afternoon nap (Bunny).  Some twin moms would find this unacceptable because they are not on the same schedule but I actually enjoy it.  It gives me time to spend one on one time with each. I have given up on trying to have a clean house or crossing things off of my to do list. 

This morning Baby was out in the backyard looking for X's that indicated buried treasure (so of course I will be digging in the back yard tonight and marking it with an X.  Or maybe I will make daddy.  Much better plan).  Bunny and I practiced his flying.

Look at my boy's baby blues!!  He has the most gorgeous eyes.  Even the outer rim of his eye is blue instead of black.  That may be normal with blue eyes....I wouldn't know.

Here he is babbling "Da da da da"

And probably here too.

And while it is a very cute trick..this is the trick I like more.  He is bringing his legs under his buns.  I know it's hard to tell his mini buns are in the air but they are I swear.  It's like he knows he needs to work back muscles AND tummy muscles.  Tummy muscles are needed to sit.

He has been doing this quite a bit and actually propels himself forward.  It may only be inches at a time but we make a HUGE deal when he does of course.

And my favorite picture.  He is OVER it and he needs milk now.  You can also probably see his eye tooth that threatens to pop through if you look closely.

Sister came back to us and decided she would try to console him.  He was obviously NOT having it.  This is his "I am very angry and LOSING it" face.  Don't worry...I stopped torturing the poor baby and fed him.

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