Bunny at 7 Months

Oh this boy.  I can't explain to you how much I love this boy. 

I may say this every month but he really has come alive this month.  He started talking all the time and making ba ba and da da and ma ma sounds.  He does his trick. (Which he does with an even greater dramatic flair now)  He smiles and laughs.  He is so much fun.  Sometimes I feel like he is trying to entertain me. 

This boy is just dying to go places.  He does this a lot with his arms where he is reaching one up at a time.  He has also started pulling his legs under his tummy and sticking his squinky little buns in the air.  I really don't think it will be long before he starts scooting.  On the crawling track today he was pulling with his arms.

I never thought I would say this but his preferred position is actually now on his tummy.  If I leave him on his back he flips right over to his tummy.  Just last week when his therapist was here she was having to coax him to roll to his tummy and now he does it all day. 

He is still nowhere near sitting.  He falls right forward.  It truly does not bother me that he is behind.  The only thing that bothers me is if I feel like I am not working enough to help him or he is not getting enough therapies.  Personally, I care more about him crawling than sitting anyway.

So far this guy has been very healthy.  I am so grateful for this.  I am going to do everything I can to keep us healthy this winter.  I promise you will not be seeing us at any mall play area (not that you would anyway unless I was extremely desperate!)

His hair has gotten too long to spike without product but have no fear...product is on it's way.  It is hard to find organic hair gel for babies.  Thank goodness for Amazon!  Daddy says he wants Bunny's hair spiked so spiked it is.

Over the weekend we went to our first Buddy Walk.  I was actually really nervous.  When we pulled into the parking lot and I saw families walking around I teared up a bit. Sometimes I still get jolted when I realize that this is part of our life now. 

It was lots of fun though.  Because we got stuck behind traffic for a huge funeral we were a little late so I didn't get to meet as many people as I was hoping but we met a little 4 year old girl with T21 who has beat leukemia twice.  She was just about the cutest thing I have ever seen.  She was enthralled with the boys (who were sleeping) and she was tucking them in and rocking the stroller for them and saying "shhhh!".  When she left she blew them kisses.  She was a doll and she made my day.

Next year we will be prepared and we will have a big group walking for Bunny with matching shirts and a catchy team name.  We like to go big in my family.

This month I am reading The Year my Son and I were Born.  Sadly, I identify a lot with this book.  It has been very therapeutic for me to read.

Lastly, (I know I am getting off topic here.  I am supposed to be posting about Bunny!) I read this beautiful post this morning and then tonight someone told me that they knew of someone that was facing a decision on a confirmed down syndrome pregnancy.  I was so happy to get to pass a long such a well written post.  I also sent them this link.  If you know someone who needs these links please pass them along.  I know I knew nothing about down syndrome before Bunny was born and I wouldn't have known where to go if I had known during my pregnancy.  The doctors certainly don't give you helpful links like this!

Still no teeth but not from lack of chewing!

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