Buddy at 7 Months

Warning....ladykiller smiles ahead..

It's hard to get Buddy to smile for the camera.  Not hard to get him to smile...just for the camera.  I was quite pleased that I got some of his many smiles for my post.  This guy is a charmer.  Have I mentioned that?  He makes everyone fall in love with him. 

Mr Buddy is also a singer.  This guys sings in falsetto all the time.  I have high hopes for him becoming the lead singer in a Bee Gees revival band.  He LOVES guitar so my plan should work out perfectly.  Daddy is much more willing to watch him alone now that he has the secret weapon of guitar.  It should also be noted that Buddy prefers electric to acoustic.  Below is an adorable video (shot on my crappy phone) of Baby entertaining Buddy for me with her guitar:

He is still a rigid little guy.  I have been faithfully doing baby yoga and massage with both boys and I have noticed improvement in his range of motion.  It doesn't seem to bother him at all though!  He gets where he needs to go.

I swear it won't be long before he is crawling/crawling.  I have been resisting the urge to help him because I know that once I do my sanity is over.  He is already in to everything and finding everything that is bad for him.  He definitely keeps me on my toes.  I seriously can't imagine what I would do if I had two of him. 

Thankfully he has become a wonderful sleeper.  He goes down at 6:30-7pm and sleeps until I have to wake him up around 8am.  He also takes a nice 2 hr nap usually (yes they should be taking 2 but I will take it).  I never thought he would sleep so well.  I am relieved!!

He has become even less cuddly as the days progress and really just wants to be on the ground exploring.  He has no time for hugs.

As soon as I get a high chair for him, we will start trying self feeding.  He is ready.  This guys is obsessed with food.  He tries to grab everyone's food and stalks me if I am eating or drinking anything.

He is lots of work and lots of fun.  

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